Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where to Find a Place of Tomes for Waldhar

As you progress along with the main storyline of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll inevitably stumble into a roadblock in the form of the magistrate. He’s locked away in a prison cell, but his word is law, and his freedom is a must. The thing is, the magistrate, Waldhar, won’t leave without a place of tomes to call home. Here is where to find a place of tomes for Waldhar in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

How to Find the Books for Waldhar

A place of tomes—books—is the only request Waldhar has of you. But once the quest updates, there’s no indication of where you should go next. You’ll want to return to The Stardrop Inn to speak with Captain Brant. He doesn’t know of a place but knows of someone who would know.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to find the place of tomes for Waldhar:

  1. Return to Captain Brant for information on your next steps. He’ll point you toward The Gracious Hand to speak with Kendrick.
  2. Kendrick requests donations—food or gold—and will ask for your help after you provide him with two. A young boy, Malcolm, is missing, and this is the start of the Heel of History questline.
  3. You must speak with three children—Aimee, Rick, and Harvey—in the area. They’re all within the yellow indicated circle on your map, and each one has a tidbit to share about Malcolm. You can find one in the tents up the hill, one on the rocks overlooking the cliffside, and one near the campfire by Kendrick.
  4. The children’s information leads you to the ruins beside The Gracious Hand, where Kendrick will join you in venturing into the vault to find Malcolm. Once inside, follow the lanterns and candles to find Malcolm. He’ll bring you to the place of tomes, and Kendrick says they will entrust it to someone worthy: Waldhar.

Once more, the quest will update, and you won’t receive a destination. It’s time to return to the Gaol to speak with Waldhar, tell him of your findings, and escort him from the prison cell. To bring him outside, simply continue on through the cells, down the stairwell, and out the back gate sing the Gaol Key from Brant.

What’s Next for the Arisen?

With Waldhar safe and sound outside of the prison walls, it’s time to return to The Stardrop Inn to speak with Captain Brant. As you may have noticed by now, however, he doesn’t arrive until nighttime, so find a comfortable spot to wait.

The next step is continuing on with the story, like the masquerade!

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