Does No Man’s Sky Have Cross Progression? – Answered

No Man's Sky Space Station
Image via Hello Games

There are many households in which people play on multiple systems. It’s increasingly more common for most gaming families or players to have both a PC and Xbox Series X|S, or perhaps a PlayStation 4 and PC, or any combination of PC and console. The ability to play on both cannot be understated! So, does No Man’s Sky have cross-progression support?

Does No Man’s Sky Support Cross-Progression?

It’s not quite the answer you want, but yes and no. No Man’s Sky features cross-progression, but it’s only available on PC and Xbox—Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If you’re playing on PC and PlayStation, you cannot utilize cross-progression.

Does No Man’s Sky Have Cross Save Support?

As for cross-save support, No Man’s Sky does allow you to transfer your save between console generations. For example, if you originally started playing No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 but later upgraded to a PlayStation 5. You can transfer your save file between both systems and continue playing the game unhindered. The same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

You must follow the game’s prompts to upload your save game data between systems to accomplish this.

Strangely, you can transfer a safe file between systems but not continue playing between both files on either system. Hopefully, in the future, that will change. It’s unlikely in No Man’s Sky, but perhaps in Light No Fire.

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