Does Dead Island 2 Have Crossplay?

dead island 2 gameplay trailer

With the release of Dead Island 2 right around the corner, players are wondering whether the game will feature crossplay. Multiplayer has been confirmed for the game but details surrounding it have been unusually scarce given the fact that it was a major component of the original title when it launched in 2011.

Crossplay is lauded by gamers for allowing them to play major multiplayer titles with their friends regardless of what platform they’re playing on. There’s a certain expectation of developers in today’s climate to include the feature in some capacity in major titles and Dead Island 2 would be the perfect fit.

Will Dead Island 2 Have Crossplay?

Unfortunately though, Dead Island 2 will not feature crossplay at launch. That’s sure to come as a blow to those who were hoping to take on the undead hordes with their friends but all is not lost. While the feature has often been described as notoriously tricky to pull off it usually makes its way to multiplayer titles eventually.

Given the nature of the game, it’s highly likely that numerous updates and expansions will be added to the game in the months after launch. It’s feasible that. With that in mind, there’s hope that players will be able to play with friends across different platforms down the line but don’t expect it to be anytime soon.

In the meantime though, Dead Island 2 offers a thrilling multiplayer experience that players can dive into at launch. Each player can take on the role of one of six Slayers each of whom has their own unique skills and abilities. There’s no word on the maximum number of players per party but the previous game suggests it could range from 4-6.

Are you hoping to see Dead Island 2 include crossplay down the line?

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