Dataminers Reveal Discord Voice Code For PlayStation Devices

discord playstation

It’s no big secret that Discord Voice is coming to PlayStation platforms. It was back in October 2022 that leaks began appearing, suggesting that Discord Voice would be emerging on PlayStation platforms ‘at some point’.

In 2021, the first news regarding console-based Discord integrations began surfacing, and it was Xbox that first picked up the industry-leading communications app. Even though PlayStation was the first to start work on integrating Discord into its console platforms, it was Xbox that swooped in ahead of the competition.

Now, dataminers have revealed several lines of code that add further credence to the suggestion that Discord Voice will be arriving on PlayStation platforms sooner rather than later.

Discord Voice is Coming to PlayStation

It was a while ago that we reported on the emergence of Discord Voice on PlayStation platforms, suggesting that the software would launch in March 2023. It seems that this date is still accurate, as the presence of the Discord Voice code for PlayStation could point to a beta phase kicking off very soon – or now, in fact.

There are expectations that Discord Voice will land on PlayStation platforms with the 7.00 update. For a long while, Discord has been available on PlayStation devices, but it has always been quite limited, missing the core attraction of the app itself: voice chat.

According to the leaked code, PS5 users will have ‘certain features’ unlocked that simply won’t be available on PS4 platforms. At present, it’s not known how deep these features will run – for instance, on the PC app, players can stream their gameplay in servers and private chat channels, but there’s no indication that this particular feature will pull across to the PlayStation version.

Typically, most gamers – especially the PC-based ones – will agree that there really are no communications or VOIP paltforms that can truly rival Discord. It succeeded Teamspeak quite some time ago, and it’s now an industry-leading product without a shadow of a doubt.

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