Diablo IV Open Beta Date Could Be Revealed at IGN Fan Fest

diablo iv

For a few days, we’ve known that Diablo IV is going to receive something of a showcase at the IGN Fan Fest 2023 event, poised to take place between the 17th and 18th of this month. However, it has now been suggested that the date for the game’s open beta will also be revealed at the event.

This news comes in the form of a tweet posted by Rod Fergusson, the General Manager of Diablo at Blizzard, who made a not-so-cryptic comment about the impending uncovering of the game’s beta.

… One Might Announce Such a Thing!

In the fabled tweet, one user directly as Fergusson if he could say anything about the Diablo IV open beta. By way of a response, Fergusson stated, quite slyly…

Soon! If only we were presenting at some sort of gaming moment this month where one might announce such a thing…

That’s a clear-cut reference to the IGN Fan Fest event which takes place in a little over a week, indicating that, yes, Blizzard could be making an announcement regarding Diablo IV’s beta event within the next few days.

It has been more than three years since Diablo IV was revealed at Blizzcon 2019, and almost two months since the release date was announced during The Game Awards. Here’s the trailer that gave up that piece of information:

There are a few details that have already been revealed over the last few months about the upcoming Diablo IV beta, but they’re sparse. For instance, according to Blizzard’s website, the ‘minimum open beta duration is two days’. Furthermore, those that pre-purchase are granted early access to said beta, but it’s not yet known how early that’ll be.

Last year, the closed beta was held, but very little information regarding the game seeped through the cracks. Fans should prepare themselves for a new trailer and a potential open beta date landing at some point between the 17th and the 18th of February.

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