Diablo 4 Character Creation Revealed

Diablo IV character creation

With the release of Diablo 4 likely coming in June, hype and teases for the game has begun in a major way. This time around, it was Blizzard doing the teasing as it revealed the Diablo IV character creation for both the Barbarian and Sorcerer classes in the upcoming game.

The reveals come after a number of content creators and select media members were able to get access to a preview build of the game. In the build, players were able to play through Act I with one of three classes: Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Other classes that will be available when the game launches are Druid and Necromancer.

You can view a look at the full character creation below:

Barbarian Creation

Sorcerer Creation

There are a couple of things to note about the game’s character creation system. The first is that each piece of armor and clothing in the game has been developed to match your class’ aesthetic. That means you won’t have something looking like it belongs on a Rogue draped over your Necromancer. Also to note, body morphing isn’t a part of the character design. It’s certain to be a disappointment for some, but for items to fit properly, Blizzard made the decision to keep body types static.

Since the character creation looks were revealed, Blizzard has begun posting on social media about a reveal coming on Thursday, December 8. According to Rod Fergusson, there will be “some announcements” during The Game Awards on Thursday night.

There have been rumors of an open beta for the game coming in early 2023. Hopefully, the #LILITHISCOMING teases are for that as opposed to just more information about the game’s story or a short trailer.

What do you think about the Diablo 4 character creation system? Diablo 4 launches in June for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.