Details On Nicolas Cage In Dead By Daylight

Nicolas Cage Dead By Daylight

Nicolas Cage will be a survivor in Dead By Daylight.

During a special appearance at the Summer Games Fest event on Thursday, Cage gave details on his arrival in the 4 v 1 horror game.

Cage revealed that he’ll be a survivor which is a “heightened, exaggerated” version of the “actor known as Nic Cage”.

“I’m so happy to be invited into your very, very cool club, everybody,” Cage said on stage.

In regards to joining the game, Cage said it was a very easy decision when he was approached about it. He said that being a fan of the horror genre but doing it in a new medium was something he was excited to do.

Players can download and play as Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight starting July 25th.

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Are you excited to play as Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight?

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