How to Destroy The Tombstone Emblems (Grave Robber) in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

During Chapter 3 of the Resident Evil 4 remake, you finally reach the church where Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, is being held. But, this being a Resident Evil game, the church is of course locked up using some kind of weird lock. You have to continue south past the church in order to find the corresponding weird key, but it’s worth exploring the area around the church a little before you move on. If you continue through the archway at the side of the church and turn left, you’ll find a little shed next to a ladder. Stuck to the shed is one of the Merchant’s Blue Request Notes. This one is titled Grave Robber, and requests that you destroy the tombstone emblems in RE4. But which tombstone emblems? Where?

How to Complete Grave Robber in The Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

The Merchant’s Blue Request Note includes one very important clue as to which tombstone emblems you need to destroy. The word “twins” is highlighted in green because a set of twins joined the Village’s evil cult, and should therefore not be allowed to rest in peace. So, you’re looking for the tombstones of two twins. Fortunately, not only were they twin siblings, their tombstones are also twins.

Go back to the graveyard at the front of the church and find two tombstones side by side that have the same emblem on them. You might notice other tombstones with emblems on them, and you can destroy these emblems if you want, but that’s not your goal. The twins’ tombstones are roughly in the centre of the graveyard in front of a railing and a fallen tree. Don’t waste ammo destroying the emblems. Either use your knife (hold L1/LB to aim, then press R2/RT to strike) or, if you have it, use the Bolt Thrower and retrieve the bolts.