Dead Cells Tops 10 Million Copies Sold

Dead Cells Tops 10 Million Copies Sold

Dead Cells has become one of the most successful indie games ever. Developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin announced on Monday that Dead Cells has surpassed 10 million copies sold since the game entered early access in 2017.

Since its full version 1.0 launch for PC and console back in 2018, Dead Cells has received 34 free updates for players. It’s also seen four paid DLC releases for the game, including a collaboration with Konami for the Return to Castlevania DLC.

In addition to the sales numbers announcement, it was mentioned that the developers are looking at future Dead Cells DLC for players to enjoy.

“Following the success of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, Evil Empire has been exploring the path forward for the title as a whole,” the companies said. “With years of successful updates and expansions behind it after taking over live ops of Dead Cells in 2019, the studio is tinkering with its time-tested methodology, experimenting with ideas for future updates and new ways for fans to enjoy one of their favorite roguelikes.”

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