DC Universe Online Is Coming To PS5 and Xbox Series X

DC Universe Online PS5 Xbox

A 12-year-old MMO is set to join its third generation of consoles as DC Universe Online is coming to PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S.

Announced via a blog post on the game’s website, the game will launch on the consoles “this holiday season”.

“Along with the performance gains found playing natively on the latest and greatest hardware, the team is also working on gameplay and quality of life improvements to match,” senior community manager Ted Stone said. “This initiative is a long-term endeavor that is already underway. You will see some of these improvements launch over the next few months prior to release on the new consoles, some of them at launch, and some of them following over the course of next year. “

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For players concerned about making the jump to the new platforms with the game, Stone says not to worry. Players who play DC Universe Online on the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S will “still be playing on the same servers with your same characters and friends, and with all of your purchases and achievements seamlessly intact.”

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