Dana White is Releasing a Game About Slapping People

power slap

It was just days ago that UFC 5 was announced, with the promise of a full trailer showcasing the game dropping in the next few weeks. However, if you can tear yourself away from such an exciting premise, we’ve got another combat-powered title for you that’s almost hot off the press if Dana White’s claims are anything to go by.

In a recent statement, Dana White teased a ‘Power Slap’ game, a no-holds-barred adventure title (not really) based around his promotion, Power Slap. It’s that fighting thing where two people stand on a stage and slap each other until they pass out, basically.

Forget UFC, This Is Power Slap

Now, take this with a pinch of salt as there’s every chance it was a comment made in jest, but when asked about the Power Slap game, Dana White said (thanks to Dexerto for the quote):

It’s funny you ask that. I did get some information on that today. We’re getting close to getting it done and getting it out.

It might seem bizarre, but the concept of Power Slap is an intriguing one, and it typically pulls in countless viewers and draws up millions of views on social media simply for how strange and shocking it can be. In Power Slap, fighters have 60 seconds to issue a blow against their opponent, striking them in the face. There’s then a 60-second window of recovery, and the opponent responds in kind.

And it goes back and forth, typically ending with one fighter collapsing backwards under the sudden pressure of a gargantuan slap in the chops.

What do you think? Are you more interested in UFC 5 or a Power Slap game?

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