EA Entertainment Picks Up Criterion To Help With Battlefield

criterion games

It has been revealed by Vince Zampella that EA Entertainment has officially been bolstered by Criterion Games and that the studio is coming on board to aid teams with the development of Battlefield. Specifically, it was stated that Criterion is joining EA Entertainment to ‘usher in a new era for the franchise.’

Criterion has been an EA studio for almost twenty years, but up until now, it has worked on the likes of Need for Speed and Burnout – but the UK-based team did have a hand in helping out with Battlefront II, Battlefield V, and Battlefield 2042.

‘Our World-Class Battlefield Studios’

It seems that no expense is being spared in the development of the next generation of Battlefield. In recent years, we’ve learned that the likes of DICE, Ripple Effect, Ridgeline, and now Criterion are all on board and helping out with the production of whatever comes next for Battlefield. It’s a series that has been floundering for some time now, but there are expectations that what these teams are working on could be an epic revival of the franchise.

In a press release published on EA’s website and written by Vince Zampella, the news was shared with a positive sentiment:

Today I’d like to share that the talented team at Criterion Games will be joining EA Entertainment … As we’ve said before, we’re all-in on Battlefield. Today, Criterion is added to our world-class Battlefield studios dedicated to ushering in a new era for the franchise … As we continue pre-production on a connected Battlefield Universe. There is no better studio to join us on this journey and I couldn’t be more excited.

It seems like the head honchos at EA are transcending the development of a simple game and are moving towards a ‘Battlefield Universe’, as Zampella stresses. It was a good few weeks ago now, but EA’s CEO went on record stating that the next Battlefield game is more of a ‘reimagination’, suggesting that the teams are going in a totally new direction and starting at the ground floor once again.

Are you excited for a new generation of Battlefield?

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