Counter-Strike Skin Sells For More Than $1 Million

counter-strike skin

The most expensive skin ever sold publically in Counter-Strike history has just changed hands for over $1 million. The final sum wasn’t disclosed by the private buyer, but it was referenced that the transaction was worth ‘more than $1 million’. It was a StatTrak Factory New AK-47 in Blue Gem (Pattern 661), a one-of-one weapon skin that was shielded in secrecy for more than a decade. It was known to be in the wild, but it was never revealed who owned it – but the value of the skin was always common knowledge.


In January 2024, the Blue Gem AK-47 – a one-of-a-kind skin – was ‘discovered’, with many users surmising it had been unboxed in a CS weapon case. This extraordinary pull would have had the clout to turn an average gamer into a millionaire overnight – but it’s believed that it sat firmly in the grip of a collector for several years. In 2022, a slightly ‘more worn’ variant of this skin sold for a whopping $400,000 – but that’s far from being the most expensive Counter-Strike skin ever auctioned off.

This news was broken on social media by Jake Lucky, who shared an attractive montage of the weapon:

Last year, one user unboxed a $150,000 rare Blue Gem Karambit – a type of knife – mere weeks into playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Before that, a wealthy Chinese collector secured a super-rare AK-47 skin for a staggering $160,000.

Many have dubbed CS skins the ‘OG NFTs’, but what’s ironic is that the value of these top-tier cosmetics has outlasted the value of the most popular NFTs, and will probably continue to do so for quite some time.

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