CS Players Think They’ve Figured Out Counter-Strike 2 Release Date

counter strike 2 release date

It was back in March that Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2, and the internet promptly broke – for a short while, at least. It was a monumental moment for CSGO fans the world over, and it meant that things were well and truly about to change.

However, despite playtests and beta phases going live, the official Counter-Strike 2 release date remains unknown. It was stated that it would be launching ‘later in the summer’, but that’s a period that’s rapidly drawing to a close and we’re no closer to knowing when the game will be released.

Or are we?

What Do The Numbers Mean?

On Twitter, one Counter-Strike 2 playtester and former pro player shared an image from a game on Overpass, which is the latest map to be remastered and added to the CS2 beta product. He suggested that two clocks located on the map are ‘showcasing the release date of CS2’ because of how the hands are positioned.

It could either be interpreted as ‘8 24’ or ‘8 5’. That basically means either the 5th of August or the 24th of August. There’s a little something in the latter date, as it would more or less line up with the expectations of the community according to the release schedule of the test maps in the beta.

Let’s be honest – it’s most likely an arbitrary time that ultimately means nothing. Hilariously, some fans have been quick to point out that it’s definitely a sign because ‘both clocks say the same thing’.

But if they’re in the same location, of course they say the same thing. That’s how clocks work.

Copium or nah?

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