Concept Video for Windows Handheld Mode on Steam Deck Leaks

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A leaked video suggests that Microsoft may explore options to improve Window’s compatibility with handheld PC devices like the Steam Deck.

The video was posted to Twitter by user WalkingCat and showed one Microsoft employee’s concept of improving Steam Deck’s functionality with Windows as part of last year’s Hackathon event. Microsoft holds the event annually and encourages employees each year to pitch ideas and potential projects which can potentially receive funding from company executives.

The employee reflects on the resurgence in handheld gaming over the years and highlights the massive success of the Steam Deck which gives players access to almost its entire library thanks to SteamOS. As the Steam Deck is technically a PC it can run Windows but not without running into a number of issues due to the handheld’s basic drivers.

The video then highlights some of the prototype work that has been done to improve Window’s functionality. Dorothy Feng, senior UX designer at Microsoft, introduced a launcher that can not only play games from the Steam Store, but also Game Pass, Epic Games Store, and EA Play. All the titles on these online stores would be compatible with Steam Deck controls.

There are also some smaller quality-of-life improvements like a keyboard that is better optimized for Steam Deck that can be navigated with the controller and a taskbar that contains all the compatible online stores.

There’s been no indication on whether Microsoft plans to take steps towards handheld gaming but it’s clearly something that employees feel would be a positive move and would improve their credibility with PC gamers. It’s unclear if this project was picked up at September’s Hackathon, even if it was though, the test footage seems very early in development and there are many issues that Microsoft would need to overcome to truly get this project off the ground.

Are you hoping to see better Windows functionality with Steam Deck?

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