COD Warzone Mobile Has Been Pushed Back To 2024

cod warzone mobile

Recently, Call of Duty Mobile enjoyed extensive exposure during the Call of Duty NEXT showcase, with developers exploring the future of the game’s ecosystem at length. CODM is a powerful title, and as one of the most widely downloaded mobile games in history, there’s a strong audience waiting for these updates.

However, following an exposé that revealed Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile (including the arrival of Rebirth Island on mobile devices), it was announced that the game’s global release is being pushed back to Spring 2024. This is the second delay the game has suffered from.

Waiting for Verdansk

It’s a sizeable delay, and it comes as a surprise – Call of Duty’s games are rarely (if ever) postponed. Originally, Warzone Mobile was supposed to be released before the close of 2023, having been revealed in full at last year’s COD NEXT showcase, which took place in September 2022.

There’s one thing that’s drawing players to this project: Warzone Mobile will take gamers far and wide back to Verdansk, the cherished but long-gone map that saw the birth of Call of Duty Warzone back in 2020.

It has been claimed that 45 million players have pre-registered for COD Warzone Mobile, and given that it’s a free-to-play game debuting across the most accessible gaming platform in history, it’ll likely hit those numbers with no issues whatsoever.

So, mobile gaming fans – Spring 2024 it is.

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