COD Fans Are Annoyed That Jumpscares Are Scaring Them

the haunting

For Call of Duty fans, it’s an intense time – The Haunting has just kicked off in-game for yet another year, and gamers the world over are being scared out of their skin by violent images that threaten to leap clean out of their screens, taking them by surprise and making them wee a little bit.

However, not everyone is happy with the addition of the jumpscares – despite this being a Halloween-themed event. They’re reportedly louder and more invasive than they have been before, and bizarrely, there’s no option to turn them off in the game – so, it’s a case of like or lump it.

They’re Effective, At Least

Admittedly, the jumpscares are doing what they promise to do, right? They’ll likely be adjusted in the coming days, though – there are plenty of players complaining about how loud they are, with some users claiming that they’re deafening.

In one comment, a user wrote, ‘Unnecessary how loud this is,’ before talking about the rumour that a ‘grandma’ died from witnessing a jumpscare during a previous Haunting event. Another user wrote, ‘That’s the stupidest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen.’

It became a health concern for one Redditor, who said, ‘I’m turning down my headphones whenever I open a box just to protect my hearing.’

What do you think? Are you irritated by the sudden arrival of jumpscares, or are you loving it?

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