Cities Skylines 2 Roadmap Revealed, DLC Delayed

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Cities: Skylines 2 has just revealed its new roadmap, confirming in a new tweet that the Expansion Pass DLC will be delayed. The Beach Properties asset pack is now due in Q1 2024. The Bridges and Ports expansion, as well as a pair of creator packs, is expected in Q2 2024.

This Expansion Pass was originally bundled with the Ultimate Edition. If you don’t have the Ultimate Edition, though, you can purchase it separately when the first new content releases in Q1.

Here’s the full announcement tweet, which explains that the devs hope to focus on improving the game performance and the mods editor:

Delaying Cities: Skylines 2 DLC Was A Smart Decision

It was a smart move to delay the Expansion Pass, since Cities: Skylines 2 has struggled since launch. Many fans have agreed that the game has suffered from excessive technical issues and a general lack of content. As a result, there have also been serious balancing problems.

The efforts to resolve these issues should be appreciated. Also, Cities: Skylines 2 couldn’t hope to compare to the original game’s content, which expanded and evolved for years.

However, it’s still unfortunate that such an anticipated sequel feels so underbaked. Today’s revised roadmap is indicative of a problematic launching approach. But Cities: Skylines 2 will likely recuperate with more time and content, within a year or two.

The sequel certainly has potential, with some ambitious and inventive features. Leading up to the launch, the devs proudly flaunted a series of trailers that explored many new ideas.

Today’s new Word of the Week community update goes into more detail about current fixes and priorities. In addition to performance and mod support, the devs will also take the extra time to smooth out bugs.

Currently, the devs are addressing Mail Service, the “Citizens’ ability to reserve housing”, and exports.

What do you think of the new roadmap for Cities: Skylines 2? For more on Cities: Skylines 2, you can read about the developer’s response to the game’s performance issues.