CDPR Dev: ‘2077 Was Just a Warm-Up’

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CD Projekt Red’s developers are already promising big things for the follow-up to 2020’s Cyberpunk 2077. It was last year that ‘Project Orion’ was revealed, and in recent days, further news surfaced suggesting that the developers had already begun work on as of yet unnamed sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.

There are high expectations for the follow-up title, as while Cyberpunk 2077 suffered from a miserable and failed launch, it recovered monumentally well to become globally regarded as one of the best games ever made – or ever polished.

The Journey Has Begun

On Twitter, the narrative director for Project Orion, Igor Sarzynski, spoke about his first day in the newly opened CDPR office in Boston, Massachusetts:

First day in the Boston office! So good to meet old friends and officially kickstart our Orion journey. I couldn’t be more excited for this project and i’m sure we can make it something special. 2077 was just a warm-up

By the end of its lifecycle – which was just weeks ago – Cyberpunk 2077 had become dramatically popular. It spawned an expansion named Phantom Liberty that was a remarkable commercial success, selling millions of copies and featuring the acting talents of Idris Elba alongside existing stars like Keanu Reeves.

At present, almost nothing is known about Project Orion, aside from the fact that it’s going to unlock the full potential of the Cyberpunk universe, most likely expanding outside of Night City, which is where 2077 was set. If there’s one thing we can take away from 2077’s journey, it’s that CDPR has learnt from its mistakes and that there’s a little truth in the first game being ‘just a warm-up’.

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  1. Make the next game 3rd person with the option for 1st person like GTA. Also have the creator of Cyberpunk supervise more closely and of course no fake footage and make sure the game isn’t broken at launch!

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