Capcom Will Increase Starting Salary in Fiscal Year 2025

Monster Hunter Wilds Desert

In a new press release, Capcom announced that it will increase the starting salary “for new graduate hires” in fiscal year 2025.

The current starting salary is reported as ¥235,000, while the revised salary will be ¥300,000. Capcom added it “is pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent”.

The company will also issue a one-time special payment to current employees and new hires in fiscal year 2024.

Monster Hunter Stories Switch

Capcom explains that it is aiming to “address the issues facing our society”. The company also wants to “improve its corporate value and establishing a relationship of trust with employees and stakeholders”.

These statements presumably refer to the mass layoffs that continue to affect a wide range of studios.

Even larger companies like Microsoft and SEGA recently laid off large volumes of workers. Last week, PlayStation announced plans to lay off 900 employees, or around 8% of its global workforce. The layoffs hit major studios like Insomniac games.

In the same week, Sea of Thieves co-developer Radical Forge faced a small number of layoffs as part of “restructuring”.

So, Capcom’s salary increase and acquisition initiative is a brighter industry update. Hopefully, it will invite and foster upcoming icons.

Further, Capcom announced that it “plans to raise salaries over 5% on average in fiscal year 2024”.

Capcom is building a lot of buzz for the Monster Hunter franchise lately. Last month, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter Stories is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

More information about the next game in the core series, Monster Hunter Wilds, is coming in summer 2024. Monster Hunter Wilds was first announced at The Game Awards 2023, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the series.

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