Capcom Showcase Announced for June 12

street fighter 6 open beta

Capcom has officially announced it will host a new showcase on June 12 at 3pm PDT.

According to the Capcom website, the show will last approximately 36 minutes and will feature some games that aren’t suitable for children.

Other details on what games to expect are yet to be revealed, but Capcom has said that the Showcase will be a “special event” to celebrate the publisher’s 40th year anniversary.

Capcom has seen great success in recent months, with both Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4 Remake released with high praises from players and critics.

As for what we could expect remains to be seen, but it’s possible we could see more on Dragon’s Dogma 2, which was recently announced at the PlayStation Showcase. Other announcements could include a new Monster Hunter game, or content, or an announcement on the Resident Evil franchise.

Personally, I would like to see an announcement when it comes to Dino Crises, but so far I’ve only heard a few unverified rumblings.

What do you want to see announced at the Capcom Showcase? Let us know in the comments below.

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