Candy Crush Has Made $20 Billion in 11 Years

candy crush

Activision has celebrated a whopping twenty years of King, the ‘interactive entertainment’ company that it acquired back in 2016. If you’re not familiar with King, you’ll at least have heard of its games – Candy Crush, to name its biggest creation. In a press release written to pay tribute to King’s milestone, Activision highlighted that Candy Crush Saga has made a staggering $20 billion in its lifetime.

Even today, 11 years after the game first made an appearance, Candy Crush pulls in millions of active players every month. It has accrued an insane download count over that lifetime – some five billion downloads across all devices.

Question: If you play nothing but Candy Crush, are you a gamer?

Mo’ Money

King struck gold with the timely release of Candy Crush back in 2012, and it has been riding high on that success ever since. In the report published by Activision, it was revealed that, collectively, Candy Crush Saga players have completed more than five trillion levels. It has become a legitimate esports title, too – this year, a $250,000 Candy Crush tournament took place in London.

In a statement, the President of King, Tjodolf Sommestad, spoke highly of the company’s success over the last twenty years:

Reaching our 20th anniversary is a mark of the incredible passion and dedication of the entire King team to our mission of making the world playful. As we turn our attention to the future we’ll continue to strive to make our games the best they can possibly be and give players more of what they want. With a history of success and a bright future ahead, King looks forward to delivering many more years of fun gameplay and memorable moments for our players.

Activision is looking forward to the next 20 years of King, and it’s likely that when that milestone comes around, we’ll be celebrating another fifty trillion levels of Candy Crush completed or something like that.

There’s a reason it has been the top-grossing franchise in app stores in the United States for six years back-to-back.

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