Among Us VR Is Coming to PlayStation 5

among us vr

If you’re eager to complete tasks on a spaceship while being hunted by Impostors desperate to slice you in half all while wearing a VR headset, then you’re in luck. It was revealed today that Among Us VR is on the way, heading to PS VR2 in the near future, some 10 months after the game was released on Steam.

Green Sus

Among Us was released in 2018 and it more or less became an overnight success, despite being one of the most basic games anyone had ever seen. It was a fantastic concept, though – and it was very well delivered. It’s still popular today, so much so that PlayStation is preparing to onboard the VR version of the game into its PS VR2 library.

Here’s the short but sweet trailer that was released earlier today:

It’s the exact same product that has existed on Steam for almost a year – which is just fine. If it isn’t broke, right? It wasn’t confirmed when Among Us VR will be released on PS VR2, but PlayStation has urged those excited about the game to wishlist it now.

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