Tentlan Resources

In this game, players are tasked to build an epic city, whilst also training and managing an arm.

That kind of thing takes serious resources.

Throughout this guide, we will break down the importance of Tentlan resources, what role they play and how you can earn them.

What role do Tentlan resources play?

Resources mean everything in Tentlan.

They feed your people, fund your building projects, allow you to interact with other players and establish trade routes.

Every type of resource has an important role, and there are strategies to farm or consistently find everything you need to fully experience this game in all its glory.

If you want your army to succeed, you will need to feed them with corn.

If you’re a builder and want to erect monuments and key constructs as fast as possible, you’ll speed things up with Turquoise.

Alternatively, if you want a burst of excitement generated by chasing prizes on an in-game spin wheel, you’ll need Amber.

How do I go about producing resources in Tentlan?

Every Tentlan resource has a different manufacturing method – or method in which you find said resources.

Unlike other MMOs of this nature, everything in Tentlan is manually produced.

This means you can’t sit back and let something automatically generate over time, amassing a vast surplus of one type of resource.

Instead, you’ll need to place ‘orders’, using resources to make more resources.

There are various buildings and functions that you’ll construct in and around your city known as ‘manufactories’.

These are the sites of production.

The farm makes corn, the plantation makes cacao, and so on.

However, if you’re not interested in crafting or farming resources, you can lean on the in-game community system known as Tribes.

In Tribes, players are tasked with forming alliances with other settlements, and that means establishing trade routes.

So, if you join a friendly enough Tribe, you might be lucky enough to have resources simply sent to you.

What resources are available in the game?


Why is corn an important resource?

Corn is the lifeblood of your community in Tentlan.

It’s what feeds your people and powers your army.

Without corn, you’ll start to lose your population.

It will wither until you’re at the minimum citizen count of just fifty people. At this point you’ll get nothing done quickly and will need to desperately rebuild.

If you need certain resources produced, you’ll also need to use corn to ‘fund’ orders.

Put simply, nobody will work unless they get the corn they’re promised. You will need to make sure your reserves are well stocked.

This is arguably one of most important Tentlan resources.

How can I acquire more corn?

Corn is generated through the farm.

Getting more corn can be achieved by simply having more farms and making sure they’re well-tilled.

Once you’ve got a network of farms, you can upgrade them. This, in turn, makes them generate more corn at a faster cadence.

Alternatively, you can request corn through trade routes established in a Tribe.

You can also soak up a large ‘injection’ of corn received through the Tzolkin Wheel. This is the in-game spin wheel that awards prizes.

Why is amber an important resource?

Amber is primarily used to spin the Tzolkin Wheel.

This will allow you to periodically win free items, resources, or in-game currencies. These can then be used to upgrade buildings and purchase certain boosts and benefits.

Outside of that, users also apply amber to certain constructs to upgrade them faster, such as the Quetzal Palace.

How can I acquire more amber?

Every day, you’ll get the opportunity to attack Barbarian Camps.

This will involve marching your army into a pre-determined location and laying waste to vicious bandits.

Once you’ve succeeded in battle, you’ll be handed a post-fight report. That report details your prizes and loot and will include at least one piece of amber.

That’s the only way to earn amber in Tentlan.

As it’s a daily rotation, you can treat it like a consistent reward, securing it and storing it up over time.

Why is Turquoise an important resource?

Turquoise is considered a premium currency.

It can be bought with real-world money or earned through a variety of means.

It’s a mandatory resource if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer.

That includes various ‘premium’ features that are massively beneficial – even if they are optional.

With Turquoise, you’ll be able to speed up your construction projects and production lines. You can also nsupercharge your army, and conduct research projects at a greater pace.

How can I acquire more Turquoise?

If you want more Turquoise in Tentlan, the easiest way to secure it is to just buy it.

If there’s a sale live when you try to purchase it, you’re in luck and can happily stock up on a surplus of this all-important resource.

That’s not the only way to maximise your Turquoise acquisition, though.

It can also be earned by completing tasks and quests in the game. That means you’ll earn plenty from simply playing Tentlan.

Elsewhere, you can win stacks of Turquoise if you’re lucky enough with the Tzolkin Wheel.

The most you’ll win on a single spin will be 200 stones, and you can try and achieve this once a day.

Why is Obsidian an important resource?

Obsidian is a tough material that was important to the Aztecs, which is the civilisation that Tentlan is based on.

In the game, you’ll need to secure plenty of Obsidian if you plan to make your buildings as tough as possible.

It’s an upgrade-based resource that can be applied to almost any construct in the game.

How can I acquire more Obsidian?

If you want more Obsidian, you’ll need to simply make more mines to generate it.

Like other resources, you can also rely on the generosity of your neighbours to build up a surplus of this tough, sought-after material.

Why is Limestone an important resource?

Limestone is the core Tentlan resource you’ll use to construct buildings, monuments, temples.

It’s the base material that makes up almost the entirety of your city, which is why it’s so important and valuable in Tentlan.

How can I acquire more Limestone?

Limestone is mined through the Quarry.

You can duplicate or upgrade if you want to be able to manufacture more of it or secure more at a faster pace.

It’s also available as a quest reward.

It can be traded with neighbours and other Tribe members, or you can secure bundles of it through the Tzolkin Wheel.

Why is Cacao an important resource?

In Tentlan, Cacao is a key trade item and can be used for bartering.

With Cacao, you can secure vast surpluses of other resources – provided you have the amount required to seal the deal.

It’s one of the only resources that has this base purpose, which makes it quite important and well worth investing in.

How can I acquire more Cacao?

Cacao is produced through the Cacao Plantation.

If you need more of it, you can simply craft more Plantations or upgrade the ones that you already have.

It can also be earned through the Tzolkin Wheel, as a quest success reward, or via trading with Tribe members.

There are plenty of Tentlan resources to consider, and part of your success as a player will come from managing them effectively.

Without some of these resources, your city will buckle and you’ll be forced to try again from the beginning.

Being an effective manager is paramount to success in this game.

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