Tentlan Strategies

Tentlan is a unique and exciting MMO strategy game that’s as tactical as it is innovative.

Boasting an Aztec-themed aesthetic and features, it is packed with hundreds of hours worth of content.

On this page, we will take a look at the best Tentlan strategies to follow to succeed and thrive.

What are the best Tentlan strategies for beginners to follow?

Tentlan can seem quite complex at first blush – and it is.

There is a wealth of mechanics to understand, which can make it challenging for a newcomer to learn the ropes.

However, the following tactics can go a long way in helping you progress.


Like many other browser-based MMOs, Tentlan has a ‘guild’ system that lets players join groups, interact with one another, and take advantage of exclusive events.

These guilds are known as Tribes. I would highly advise that you join a good Tribe as early as possible.

By doing this, you will be able to learn from more experienced players who have put hundreds of hours into the game.

Remain Aware

At any point, you can be the victim of an attack that leaves your city in ruins.

Therefore, it’s a solid idea to remain aware of any impending assault.

In this game, even your allies can turn the tables and launch a strike against everything you’ve built.

It is also a good idea to avoid attacking others without cause or provocation.

This might result in your city being razed to the ground by a Tribe of players.

Invest in Corn

Corn is a valuable resource in Tentlan – it allows you to manufacture certain orders in your city and can ‘power’ your army as it moves around the map.

Therefore, it’s one of the most popular Tentlan strategies to invest early and heavily in corn manufactories.

You can put some of the other resources – like cacao – on the back burner.

The game recognises the necessity of corn and makes it a little rarer at the start of the game, so make sure to buy in early and at every opportunity.

Earn More

In Tentlan, the premium currency that can be bought using real-world money is known as ‘Turquoise’.

This can be earned as a quest reward, but you can also earn Turquoise by successfully inviting friends to play the game.

To that end, try and get a network of friends involved to boost your earnings.

You can set up a Tribe that you can all join together, which adds more reasons to get them involved.

What are the best expansion strategies to follow in Tentlan?

Although this is an MMO strategy game, it also boasts expansive city-building mechanics.

At the heart of the game is the need to develop and manage an Aztec city.

That includes planting crops, constructing buildings, and putting together a capable army to defend your settlement.

Expand Your Network

As early as possible, you should be founding new cities.

At any point, you can scan the map, identify a nice, empty zone, and open up a new settlement.

You can then send citizens over to secure a piece of land and start building there.

This allows you to exponentially increase your resource production rates.

If one city starts lagging in one area, you can shore up the shortfall by linking the cities together and sharing resources via trade routes.

Speed Things Up

It can take a while to construct the largest and most important buildings in Tentlan.

Therefore, you will want to speed things up as often as possible.

That’s achievable by doing one key thing – Dancing.

When you perform a Dancing ritual, you’ll be able to manipulate the game’s seasons.

By switching the season, you’ll get a buff that speeds up construction and reduces the overall building time.

Become Knowledgeable

If you use the in-game Research mechanic to study Architecture, you will eventually unlock the ability to craft expansions and new buildings much faster.

There’s a maximum ‘time discount’ of 40% that can be earned.

When paired with a change in the seasons, you’ll shoot through anything you want to build in a bizarrely short time.

Remember Your Resources

As you expand your city and gain more citizens, you will want to keep an eye on the resources you’re producing.

As you gain more citizens, you will need to produce more corn, which is the resource used to ‘pay’ citizens for the work they do.

As you assign more workers, you will find your corn reserves tightening, as a working population demands twice as much corn as a standard population.

What are the best strategies to follow for resource management in Tentlan?

Managing resources in Tentlan can be a complex affair at first, as orders need to be placed manually.

They are not always automatically generated like they are in other, similar titles.

This can be a saving grace, though.

In Tentlan, you can be attacked and your resources can be looted, so having them generated manually means you can keep a tighter control over things.

Focus on Corn

Firstly, you’ll need to remember that corn is everything in this game.

It’s a resource that must be manufactured, but it’s also what you will need to fund other resource orders.

If you’re logging in and doing a resource sweep, you should focus on picking up your corn first. This sets the foundation for future generation sessions.

If you start running out of corn too regularly, your citizens will abandon your city and your army will refuse to function.

Share resources

Should you find yourself struggling for resources, one of the most common Tentlan strategies is to lean on your Tribe and request that they send you something .

You can share resources between cities.

You do not need to be the ruler of those cities to take advantage of that mechanic.

If you’re flat broke, consider asking for help. Someone might take pity on you and send over what you need.

What are the best building strategies to follow in Tentlan?

Tentlan isn’t a strict city-building game. This means that you won’t need to worry too much about strategic building placement.

When you’re crafting your city, you can place things wherever you want.

As you progress, you will be allowed to construct a range of buildings. All of these lean heavily into the Aztec theme of the game.

For instance, there’s the Moon Temple.

Here, Dancing rituals are performed to change the game’s seasons. This is one of the most important buildings you’ll unlock.

Additionally, there are several buildings you’ll want to focus on when it comes to making upgrades.

For example, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your Wall and Watchtower constructs. These should be upgraded several times over to ensure your city remains well protected.

Similarly, you’ll want to upgrade any buildings or facilities that generate resources, such as the farm or the cacao plantation.

What are the best strategies to follow to minimise losses during attacks?

When you’re attacking neighbouring cities or Barbarian Camps, there are several things that you can do to make sure your army isn’t stripped to its core.

From my own experience, you will want to work on upgrading your Itzamna Temple.

This will heal the damaged units in your army and help patch up your army after a strenuous battle.

Similarly, you will want to send Shamans into battle.

They can heal your troops in real-time. You will need a lot of Shamans if you want to reap the benefits they offer.

If you’re new to combat in Tentlan, you can lean on the battle simulator.

It will give you a better idea of your chances in the fight ahead.

The battle simulator also offers tactic that you can use to build up and position your attacking force a little better.

In terms of setting yourself up for success early on, craft and upgrade buildings that offer key benefits for your army.

These include the Temazcal and the Stele.

These strategies are tried and tested, and they’ll help you to do everything from dominating your enemies to forming friendships and leaning on your Tribe for support.

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