State of Survival Heroes

Heroes are critical to your success in battling zombies and emerging victorious against other players.

On this page, we’ll explore the role of State of Survival heroes, discussing their abilities, categories, and availability.

Who are the heroes of State of Survival

Heroes are pivotal in leading your troops, defending your base, and battling hordes of zombies.

Each hero has unique abilities and attributes that can significantly impact your gameplay strategies and overall success.

Whether boosting your troops’ attack power, providing healing support, or enhancing resource production, heroes provide versatility and depth.

Moreover, State of Survival heroes bear their own unique storylines and backgrounds, adding an immersive element to the game.

Players can recruit, train, and upgrade their heroes, unlocking new skills and abilities as they progress.

Assembling a diverse team of heroes becomes crucial for tackling various challenges and maximizing efficiency in battles against the undead and rival players.

How are heroes categorized?

Heroes are categorized according to the following;


Epic and rare heroes are more challenging to obtain, but possess more vital abilities and stats


Some heroes may have resonating abilities that synergize with specific team compositions or strategies. This enhances their efficacy when paired with certain other heroes.

Generations 1-12

Generations indicate when a hero was introduced in the game. Newer generations often bring updated abilities and mechanics.

Troop type

Heroes can be categorized based on the type of troop they lead, e.g. infantry, shooter, rider etc. Each will possess their own strengths and abilities.

What heroes are available to play?


Rusty (Shotgun)Chef (Flamethrower)Ash (Flamethrower)
Brooke (Iron Gloves)Ernie (Electric Hammer)Nikola (Tesla Gun)
Ray & Rolex (Grenade Launcher)Wolfe (Mutated Arm)Emma & Eli (Gatling Gun)
Wacko (Chainsaw)Magnus Peterson (Fists)Jess (Nunchucks)
Hank (Prosthetic Blades)Olly (Spear & Anchor)Nanami (Katana)
Kyle (Pizza Peel)Kira (Sword)Lori (Flamethrower)
Robert Henlen (Metal Fists)Laura (Katana)


Sarge (M4)Mike (M16)Jarrett (Bio Weapon)
Jeb (SKS)Lucky (Unknown)Tyler Kurtz (Bow and Arrow)
Zoe (Compound Crossbow)Roxy (Twin Desert Eagle)Daryl (Crossbow)
Grimm (Axe)Luca (Assault Rifle)Tina (Boomerang)
Eva – (SLR)Tony (Dual SMG)Yukimura Mikoto (Unknown)
Arthur (Exoskeleton)Conor (Baseball Bat)Scope (Sniper Rifle)
Codi (Submachine Gun)Dylan (Gun)Aoi Yukimura (Gatling Gun, Katana)


Ghost (Uzi)Jane (Revolver)Julie Garcia (Unknown)
Maddie & Frank (Crossbow)Miho (Unkown)Trish (Sniper AWM)
Zach (Gun)Becca (Climbing Picks)Tweak (Chemicals)
Dean (Playing Cards)Martha (Gatling Gun)Courtney Young (Tarot)
Joker (Unknown)Kang Eunjoo (Bow and Arrow)Basel (AK47)
Candy (Assault Rifle)Travis (Sniper Rifle)Essie & Dobrynya (Assault Rifle)
Strings (Puppet)Buzz (Guitar)Chloe (Pistol)
Ram (Knives & Fire Blowing Prop)

How are heroes classified?

State of Survival heroes are classified according to the following;


Heroes are classified into three different types based on their roles and the troops they lead.

Brawlers are heroes that lead infantry troops. Positioned at the forefront in explorer mode, they possess the greatest health stat. This makes them resilient in battle.

However, I have found that their range of attack is limited, which requires them to engage in close combat. Their high health and frontline position is why infected enemies attack Brawlers first.

Marksman, on the other hand, lead hunter troops and are positioned on the left side in explorer mode. With a greater range of attack, Marksman excels in dealing damage from a distance.

Despite having the lowest health stat, they boasts the highest attack stat. This makes them formidable ranged attackers.

In battles, infected often target Marksman after defeating Brawlers, seeking to eliminate their potent offensive capabilities.

Lastly, Scouts lead rider troops and are positioned on the right side in explorer mode. Like Marksman, Scouts possess a long attack range.

This allows them to engage enemies from afar.

Scouts serve as the last target for infected adversaries, typically after neutralizing Brawlers and Marksman.

This positioning allows them to provide support and strategic maneuverability to the troops they lead.


Rare heroes, marked by the color blue, are the most common and easily accessible heroes in the game.

With low power levels, I found these at the beginning of the game. Essentially, they serve as introductory characters.

Despite their lower strength, rare heroes play a vital role. They are often included in the gathering benefit group, contributing to resource collection and basic combat scenarios.

Epic heroes, identifiable by their purple coloration, represent a step up in rarity and power compared to rare heroes.

They are primarily obtained through hero searches and intel missions, requiring a bit more effort to acquire.

With medium power levels, I believe epic heroes offer a balance between accessibility and strength. They are valuable additions to your roster.

Epic heroes often specialize in combating infected enemies, leveraging their abilities to excel in battles against these formidable foes.

Legendary heroes are mostly obtained through special events, such as Value Vouchers. This requires strategic planning and participation to acquire.

Due to their rarity and potency, legendary heroes are highly sought after by players seeking to strengthen their teams and dominate.

Benefit classification

State of Survival heroes can also be classified according to the benefits they provide.

This can based on development, where heroes offer bonuses related to the growth and progression of settlements.

These heroes may boost resource production, reduce construction time, or provide other advantages that facilitate the development and expansion of player bases.

Another classification may focus on gathering, with heroes specializing in enhancing resource-gathering speed or efficiency.

These heroes are invaluable for players looking to stockpile resources quickly and efficiently. This will allow for smoother progression and stronger defenses against the undead hordes.

Patrol heroes can keep your camp safe, while siege heroes can help to conquer others. They can be classified based on their effectiveness against infected enemies.

These may provide bonuses to troop stats tailored to combat infected, such as increased attack or defense against infected troops.

Players often prioritize recruiting and leveling up these heroes to strengthen their defenses and ensure survival in the face of relentless zombie assaults.

How can players locate their hero?

You can locate heroes by acquiring Hero Fragments.

These are the key to unlocking and recruiting new heroes. Players need to collect a number of Hero Fragments specific to the desired hero to locate a hero.

Fragments can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as completing missions, participating in events, or opening chests.

Each hero requires a different amount of fragments to be located, with some heroes being easier to obtain than others.

Players can track their progress toward locating a hero by checking the “Not located” list on the hero page. Here, you can see how many fragments are required and how many have been collected.

Once enough fragments have been accumulated, players can proceed to locate the hero by clicking the “locate” button.

How can players level up their hero?

Players can level up their State of Survival heroes to increase their strength and effectiveness in combat.

One way to do this is by earning experience points (XP) through completing missions, defeating enemies, or participating in events.

As heroes accumulate XP, they gradually progress through levels. This allows them to gain access to new abilities, increase stats, and improve their performance on the battlefield.

Additionally, players can invest resources, such as Hero Skill Books and Hero Badges, to level up heroes directly.

Hero Skill Books increase a hero’s skill level, unlocking and enhancing their special abilities.

At the same time, Hero Badges are required to upgrade a hero’s rank, allowing them to reach higher levels and unlock additional abilities.

By strategically investing resources and prioritizing the leveling of key heroes, players can strengthen their roster and overcome increasingly challenging threats in the world of State of Survival.

What are hero fragments?

Hero fragments are valuable resources used to upgrade and unlock heroes.

These fragments are specific to each hero and can be obtained through various in-game activities.

There are different types of hero fragments, including Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Resonating fragments. Each corresponds to heroes of different rarities and categories.

Players can exchange hero fragments for fragments of their desired hero to upgrade them.

For example, players can exchange General Hero Fragments for fragments of any hero they own.

This exchange process involves accessing the Hero Menu, selecting the desired hero, and using the Exchange Button to trade the fragments.

What are hero badges?

Hero badges are essential items required to upgrade the rank of heroes in addition to hero fragments.

These badges are specific to each hero rarity category.

Players need to accumulate the corresponding hero badges along with the necessary hero fragments to increase a hero’s rank.

Badges can be gained through exploring, participating in events, completing missions, and purchasing bundles or crates from the store.

These badges serve as a progression mechanism, allowing players to enhance the abilities and stats of their heroes as they advance through different ranks.

What is the Hero Skill Book?

The Hero Skill Book is a valuable item used to upgrade State of Survival heroes’ skills.

These skill books are specific to each hero rarity category.

By investing Hero Skill Books into a hero, players can unlock new abilities, improve existing skills, and further customize their heroes to suit their preferred playstyle and strategic needs.

These can be obtained through several in-game activities.

These serve as a means of progression, providing players the ability to continuously develop and strengthen their heroes as they progress through the game.

It’s important to note that starting from the 4th Generation of Legendary Heroes, including heroes like Zach, Jarrett, and Brooke, Hero Skill Books are no longer required as their skills are upgraded automatically alongside their hero rank.

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