State of Survival Events

Events are integral to the State of Survival experience.

They provide players with exciting opportunities to engage with the game and earn valuable resources and items.

On this page, we will explore the different types of State of Survival events available to explore, along with the unique challenges and rewards they offer.

What are events in State of Survival?

State of Survival events are crucial in enhancing the gaming experience. They offer players a diverse range of challenges, tasks, and opportunities to earn rewards.

These often revolve around special themes, holidays, or in-game milestones.

Events may include limited-time missions, competitions, tournaments, or collaborative tasks.

Tasks encourage players to work together or compete to achieve specific objectives.

Events allow players to earn rewards such as resources, items, currencies, exclusive gear, or even unique heroes.

These rewards often provide significant benefits. Rewards aid players in their progression, strengthen their settlements, or enhance their capabilities in combat.

What types of State of Survival events are available?

One Time EventsPeriodic EventsAlliance Events
World EventsSpecial EventsCommemorative Events

One time events

One-time events are unique occurrences that offer special rewards or challenges. These occur within a limited timeframe.

Badge RefinementCanned Food MarketChallenge: Build The Settlement
Dr. Yamazaki’s Day OffPerformance Review EventSOS & The Joker
Kindle The Light of SurvivorsMission: Locate HeroNew Technology Blueprint
Power Unleashed-Formation SystemRecall EventSecret Construction Project

Build the Settlement

Build the Settlement is a challenge within the State of Survival game that tasks players with reaching specific targets using plasma cores and speedup items within three days.

Players must utilize various speedup items to meet the designated point thresholds.

These include Construction, Research, Training, and Healing Speedups.

You can earn rewards such as Plasma Cores, Stamina, and Resources by accumulating plasma cores and speedup items and reaching the specified targets.

The event’s objectives focus on encouraging players to invest in developing and enhancing their settlements.

This is achieved by expediting construction, research, training, and healing processes.

Ultimately. this facilitates their overall progress and growth within the game.

Dr. Yamazaki’s Day Off

Dr. Yamazaki’s Day Off allows players to earn valuable rewards, particularly Plasma Cores, for building upgrades and research.

Lasting for a set duration, the event presents players with three types of daily tasks to complete.

Each of these unlocks rewards upon completion.

These tasks may include logging in, consuming Stamina, and increasing building power.

Players can earn bonus rewards by fulfilling specific task milestones, such as Plasma Cores, Epic Hero Fragments, Biocaps, and speedups.

Locate Hero Mission

Locate Hero spans seven days and requires players to complete tasks to acquire Fragments.

Throughout the event, players must fulfil various daily tasks.

These include participating in Infected Fiend rallies, using Speedups, and achieving specific Battle Power milestones.

As players progress and complete tasks, they receive crates containing hero Fragments.

By actively engaging in the specified activities and meeting the daily objectives, players can steadily accumulate Fragments and other rewards.

Periodic State of Survival events

Periodic State of Survival events occur regularly, allowing players to engage in various activities and earn rewards.

These events occur at specific intervals.

Amplify Your Sign-In Value EventArms Race
Battle Power-Up
Behemoth Trials
Effortless Progress
Finding Frank: Lights and Colors
Crystal Energy Tech GrowthDestroy the Reaper EventDuty Calls
Escort MissionExplorer TrailFeeding Frenzy
Infected Cleanup EventKing of the HillLucky card event – Catzilla Guide
GigaCorp’s Metal PlantHero Rank-UpHunting the Hunter
Joint ExercisesJourney to Glory EventKill Stage
Labyrinth City
Lights and Colors(Summer Games)Missions
Lucky card event – Catzilla GuideOperation FestivalPlasma Mega Spin
Missions: Daily RewardsMissions: Growth and Side MissionsMissions: Research Task
Path of Water: The SummitPlasma LabPlasma Leakage
State Transfer EventValue Vouchers EventTop-Up Event
Power SprintRay’s PlaceResonance Exchange Event
Story MissionsSurvival RoyaleTop-Up Event

Arms Race

The Arms Race event is a dynamic challenge designed to enhance players’ armaments and prepare them for warfare.

It lasts 28 days and is divided into four chapters, each running for seven days.

You can earn points during the event by completing timed tasks or using biocaps to contribute to crafting progress.

Tasks include various activities such as alliance contributions, explorer challenges, defeating infected enemies, troop training, and resource gathering.

These points can be exchanged for generous rewards.

This includes Arms Crates, Biocaps, Advanced Search Maps, resources, hero skill books, combat manuals, and various speedup items.

Players can purchase Basic or Advanced Arms Crates. These unlock extra progress rewards and improve their Engineer Rank, which offers discounts for future event purchases.

Infected Clean-up

The Infected Clean-up event in State of Survival is a bi-weekly PvE event.

It lasts two days and occurs alongside other significant events like State of the Federation (SOTF) and State vs. State (SVS) preparation stages.

During this event, players can earn points by engaging in various activities related to eliminating infected enemies.

Points can be acquired by rallying and defeating infected fiends, killing infected in the wilderness, and killing infected via intel.

Players can then use these points to claim rewards, including Points and Ranking rewards.

The Points rewards vary based on the player’s progress, with rewards available for old and new states.

Additionally, players can compete for Ranking rewards based on their relative rank compared to other Chiefs in their state.

Overall, the Infected Clean-up event encourages players to actively participate in battling infected enemies while offering rewards for their efforts and achievements.

Kill Stage

The Kill Stage event is highly anticipated. You can earn significant rewards by engaging in combat and causing casualties to enemy troops.

Kill Stage allows players to accumulate points by attacking other players’ settlements, troops on resource tiles, and during events like Capital Clash. T

The number of points earned is determined by the level of troops killed or heavily wounded.

As players accumulate points, they become eligible for both solo points rewards and solo ranking rewards, which offer various valuable items and resources.

By planning attacks using thoughtful strategies and participating in battles, players can maximize their point accumulation and secure lucrative rewards during the Kill Stage event.

Alliance events

Alliance events are regular challenges that require alliance members to collaborate and achieve common goals.

These events foster teamwork and camaraderie among members.

From competitive battles to cooperative raids, alliance events encourage coordination, communication, and strategy.

Members work together to earn rewards, with individual contributions and overall alliance performance playing key roles in success.

Through these events, alliances strengthen bonds, build community, and enhance their collective strength in the game.

Alliance ShowdownAlliance ThrowdownAnalysis Center
Level 1
Analysis Center Level 2Map: Geothermal Well
Pipes Level 4
Map: Heat Exchange
Pipes Level 3
Doomsday OpenFlash DuelsFortress Fight
GovernorMap: Groundwater
Pump Level 6
Map: Groundwater
Purification Room Level 7
Infected HordeInfluencer trapMining Mayhem
Plague ZoneState Warfare (Beta)Map: Ventilation
Channel Level 5
Reservoir LeagueReservoir RaidMap: Sedimentation
Tank Level 8
State Warfare StoreSurvival of the FittestSurvival of the
Fittest (NEW)

World events are large-scale challenges involving players from across different states or regions.

These events occur periodically, often spanning several days or weeks, and bring together players to compete or collaborate globally.

Examples of world events include State vs. State (SVS), State of Survival League (SOS League), and Clash of Zones (COZ).

SVS pits entire states against each other in battles for dominance. SOS League is a competitive league where states compete in various game modes.

Clash of Zones involves individual players or alliances competing in different zones to earn rewards and glory.

These allow players to showcase their skills, teamwork, and strategic prowess on a grand stage.

Biological AmmoChaos ClashChaos Clash –
Exploration Project
Chaos Clash –
Material Collection Race
Fungal Insurgence
Chaos Clash – StoreEverwinter
Frostbite Event
Fungal Insurgence –
Infected Horde
Fungal Insurgence – Material
Collection Race
Fungal Insurgence
Fungal Insurgence
Glacial Glory
Info War
M.I.G.O Strikes BackMetamorphix – InsectariumProject Dominion 2
– Glory Ranking
Metamorphix – DreadbeastMetamorphix
– Genetic Enhancement
Metamorphix –
Glory Ranking
Metamorphix – StorePet: TigerProject Dominion 2
Project Dominion 2 –
Material Collection Race
Project Dominion 2 – StoreProject Dominion 2 –
Troop Drill
Project Dominion 2 –
Zoological Museum
Source of Strife – DreadbeastSubterranean Cataclysm
Project Dominion EventSource of StrifeSource of Strife – Alert!
Metalmaul Hybrid Warfare
Source of Strife – Seasonal Badge &
Glory Ranking
Source of Strife – StoreSpore Glory Points
Chaos Clash –
Seasonal Badge &
Glory Ranking


The Everwinter event plunges players into a chilling narrative. They must confront the return of the Ice Age and the onslaught of Frost Infected.

Lasting over 10 weeks and divided into three stages, this event challenges players to gather Biodiesel weekly to meet goals and earn Glacial Glory Points.

There are rewards available in the Shipwright Store.

Each stage unfolds with its own storyline and tasks, such as defending settlements, battling Frost Infected, and exploring icy lands.


The Frostbite event immerses players in a gripping survival scenario as they face the return of an icy apocalypse.

Lasting for several weeks and typically divided into multiple stages, players must gather essential resources to combat the freezing temperatures and fend off Frost Infected threats.

Players perform various tasks throughout the event. These include defending settlements, battling Frost Infected, and gathering resources to progress through each stage.

Rewards are earned by meeting weekly goals and accumulating points.

These can be used to obtain valuable items and upgrades.

The event presents a challenging gameplay experience and unfolds a captivating narrative about resilience and determination in the face of a global crisis.

Subterranean Cataclysm

The Subterranean Cataclysm event is an exciting adventure that spans ten weeks and consists of three stages: Lost Ruins, End of the Earth, and Joint Attack.

As players progress through the event, they will uncover the mysteries behind several calamities affecting the Settlement.

Players can earn Crystal Energy Glory Points and special items to upgrade their Crystal Energy Base. This is done by completing weekly objectives and gathering Crystal Energy Fragments.

Each stage has unique challenges, quests, and revelations that will lead to a joint effort to seal away a massive creature threatening humanity’s fate.

Special events

Special events are organized to celebrate various holidays and anniversaries.

These events offer an opportunity to earn unique items like skins.

Examples of such events include Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, and many more.

Commemorative State of Survival events

Commemorative events are special occasions or milestones celebrated within the game to honor significant events, anniversaries, or holidays.

These often include unique content, activities, and rewards that are themed around commemorating the occasion.

They serve as a way for developers to engage with the player community, celebrate achievements, and foster a sense of community spirit.

Events are an essential aspect of the State of Survival experience, offering players diverse challenges and opportunities to earn rewards.

One-time events, in particular, are unique occurrences that provide exclusive benefits within a limited timeframe.

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