RAID: Shadow Legends Gems

There are a number currencies that make the world go around in this game’s universe.

The most coveted are gems, a sought-after resource that has numerous key uses.

In this guide, we will break down all you need to know about RAID: Shadow Legends gems, from their use to the best ways to earn them.

What are RAID: Shadow Legends gems?

RAID: Shadow Legends gems are a kind of premium, in-game currency that offer many advantages.

They are immeasurably helpful and highly sought after by almost every player.

Gems can be earned in-game or bought using real-world money. In some cases, the benefits far outweigh the cost of the initial investment.

Any RAID player worth their salt will understand the potential and the power of gems.

They can be used to greatly augment an experience, making certain elements faster, objects easier to obtain, or characters more powerful.

Although there are a few different resources available in this game, it can certainly be argued that gems are by far the most necessary.

What can gems be used for in RAID: Shadow Legends?

There are plenty of core use cases for RAID: Shadow Legends gems.

Most commonly, gems are used to boost energy resources in the middle of a battle during the game’s campaign and in the Dungeons.

Without energy, you will not get very far, as it is what is needed to win fights and generally explore the world of RAID.

With that in mind, it is easy to see why the core use for gems is to restock energy levels.

Elsewhere, players will use gems to unlock and upgrade the gem mine. This allows you to accrue gems naturally over time.

There is also an option to use gems to boost the number of items offered in the game’s Market section, as well as to expand the in-game Vault.

RAID’s gems can be used to upgrade Champions – which are the fighters you will periodically unlock in the game.

By purchasing Mastery Scrolls using gems, players can give their Champions powerful boosts and level up their skills.

Gems can also be used to speed up Arena rotations, open up more slots in the Sparring Pit, and to buy ‘Ancient Shard’ packs.

What are the best strategies for spending gems in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Be frugal

In my opinion, one of the best strategies is to not spend gems unless you need to.

It is a fine idea to keep a reserve hidden away for a rainy day, and that means resisting buying boosts, Mastery Scrolls, and energy upgrades if you don’t need to.

As you get further through the game, you will naturally find other ways to acquire energy.

Therefore, consider holding back a few hundred gems at least to ensure you always have a reserve.

Mastery Scrolls

If you are going to spend your RAID: Shadow Legends gems, one of the ways in which you can’t go wrong is to secure Mastery Scrolls.

These can be purchased from the start of the game and can be used to max out the abilities of your Champions.

They are a solid way to invest your gems.

However, I advise you to be sure to only spend them on Mastery Scrolls for Champions that you know you will come to care about. Do not buy Mastery Scrolls for fodders or food Champions.

Invest in a gem mine

There’s a controversial point surrounding the gem mine.

For some, it’s a fantastic strategy for investing your gems in RAID. For others, it’s a money sink that does not offer a return on investment for quite some time.

If you are what is called a ‘free-to-play’ player, you will want to consider investing in the gem mine to boost the gems that you naturally accrue.

Be warned, it can take up to three months of solid play to start earning back your initial investment.

Think about the market

Given that gear sets are so important in RAID: Shadow Legends, another solid strategy is to use your gems to maximise the slots open in your Market.

It will cost you around 250 gems to bust the market wide open, enabling all the hidden slots and revealing the maximum number of artefacts possible.

Through this strategy, you will ensure that you never miss the Market rotation. This is pivotal for earning the best gear sets.

How can players earn gems?

The easiest way to earn gems is to play the game. By doing so, you will naturally earn gems that can be put towards buying important upgrades.

As you progress further, you will find that you are periodically unlocking an increasing number of the currency.

Making your way through the campaign, you will want to fully complete every chapter and stage. This will maximise your gems-based gains.

Remember, you can revisit campaign chapters later on. If you are stuck on something, move past it and come back later.

If you are completing missions and tasks in RAID, you will earn Gems.

There are daily, weekly, and monthly quests to be resolved, and all of them reward you with gems.

You can also purchase the gem mine to passively generate gems. Gems can be bought through the in-game store with real-world money.

What are gem mines in RAID: Shadow Legends?

They are mines that generate gems!

For a total investment of 1,500 gems, players can build, upgrade, and maintain a gem mine. This will periodically reward you with free gems.

Although, the return on investment will take quite a while to come around.

Gem mines are profitable, but only once you have surpassed that return on investment point.

That means that they are a fine strategy for earning, but you will need to stick at the game for a while to see the full benefit of building one.

Furthermore, a mine has a limit on how many gems it can store. At the highest level, a gem mine will stop storing when the stock hits 15 in total.

If you are investing a lot of time in RAID, you will naturally pick up a fine allotment of gems.

Before long, you will have a substantial reserve and will be fully equipped with the best strategies to manage that stock.

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