Forge of Empires Quests

A key component in keeping players hooked to any browser game is the ability to tackle exciting and rewarding quests.

Throughout this page, we will explore all you need to know about Forge of Empires quests. This includes how they work, what they entail, and how to unlock additional content to keep you playing!

What are Forge of Empires quests?

Forge of Empires’ quests revolve around relatively casual objectives that task you with producing a specific number of items, achieving win conditions and performing unique actions.

These usually culminate in adequate rewards, though I sometimes did not need the coins or supplies, as I had almost too many.

When playing Forge of Empires, you will notice several varying quests. They range in difficulty and in the number of objectives they require you to complete. However, none of them proves too challenging.

These include story quests, side quests, bonus quests, and so much more to tackle.

It’s your typical browser game fare wrapped up in an enticing package that I couldn’t stop playing for hours on end.

What rewards can players earn from Forge of Empires quests?

Coins Supplies Goods
Military units Forge Point packages Blueprints

What types of Forge of Empires quests are available?

Story quests Side quests Recurring quests
Bonus quests Event quests Daily challenges
Special quests Quests through the ages

Story Quests

Every era in FoE spans a series of objectives to help you work through the research tree. This is necessary to improve your technology, construct practical and innovative buildings, and deploy more formidable military units to push back your foes.

The story quests aid players in following along with a central plot as they progress through this period, and yes, they are mandatory to complete.

During the game’s various story quests, you’ll meet several advisors, including Admiral Terry Hunt and Ragu Silvertongue.

These characters provide you with some guidance to help you move to the next era, and they will teach you fundamental game mechanics, like combat.

Most of the story quests in the game do not pose much of a challenge. They are meant as more of a learning experience, and within an hour, I was moving through the ages relatively quickly.

Side Quests

You will not unlock the ability to tackle side quests in Forge of Empires until you reach the Bronze Age, which comes relatively early after your initial stint in the Stone Age.

These quests do not push the story forward, though they have a bit of narrative tied to each one; they offer rewards for menial tasks.

You will be asked to research new technologies, construct specific units or buildings, and conquer additional provinces to complete side quests.

These are the usual fare that you will find in the story quests, just with less urgency.

Bonus Quests

Bonus quests in Forge of Empires are found in the Early Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, and Industrial Age.

They are unlocked when you scout a bonus province, and once it’s in your quest log, you can’t abort. You must finish these quests; otherwise, it remains in your log forever.

But don’t worry—like side quests, they are easy to complete.

You will receive the usual rewards, such as coins, supplies, medals, and diamonds. However, unlike side quests or story quests, unlocking a bonus quest opens up an additional side quest slot.

After you finish the bonus quest, you can replace it with a side quest, thereby working on two at once and earning twice the rewards!

Event Quests

Forge of Empires’ primary goal is to keep players engaged and working through the content, which is why they often host timed events around holidays and sales, such as Halloween or the Forge Bowl Event of old.

These events do not just alter game mechanics; they introduce unique questlines that can only be completed while the event remains active.

That said, you are not forced to tackle the quests. They are optional.

Instead, if you choose to complete an event quest, you will receive unique rewards, event items, and discounts.

Daily Challenges

Like bonus quests, you will not unlock daily challenges in Forge of Empires until you meet certain conditions.

In this case, you must first research Militia in the Iron Age, a helpful technology that unlocks soldier barracks and daily challenges.

These offer you an incentive to log in every day to play. They are not challenging, with most dailies asking you to produce a certain number of resources, for instance, before providing you with a reward chest.

How do you access new side quests in FoE?

You will unlock additional side quests in Forge of Empires simply by playing the game, progressing through the eras, and completing previous story and side quests in your log.

As you finish up with one, another will become available.

You are limited to how many you can tackle at once, so completing bonus quests is essential.

How do you unlock recurring quests in FoE?

You can unlock recurring quests in Forge of Empires—a means to keep you busy each day—by finishing your queue of side quests.

Alternatively, you can skip side quests. However, you must work through the entire queue to unlock recurring quests, which usually involve collecting resources, training units, or producing buildings for rewards.

As someone who primarily plays RPGs on PC—a genre known for its quests and storylines—I appreciate a more casual experience that offers me the same dopamine hit of completing tasks for rewards.

Forge of Empires understands the concept of progression, drip-feeding appropriate content and rewards, and keeping players interested long enough to continue playing.

It’s an overpopulated genre, but they are doing things right!

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