Blizzard Reveals New Details of Diablo IV’s Post-Launch Content

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The release of Diablo IV is just over a month away but Blizzard has already begun to tease further adventures that will kick off with the game’s first season in July.

An official blog post on Blizzard’s official website revealed that Diablo IV’s seasons will not only introduce new gameplay mechanics and questlines but also add “fresh concepts and ideas into the world of Sanctuary”. Blizzard further highlights that the new Seasons are intended to be viewed as “celebratory moments” that players can enjoy with their friends.

The game will include a Season Journey which will serve as a guide for players when new content is added. The Season Journey will also allow players to quickly level up their Battle Pass as it will point them in the right direction to complete each chapter’s objectives. Completing objectives grants the in-game resource, Favor, and offers seasonal rewards like crafting materials and Legendary Aspects.

Each season will also come with its own Battle Pass which contains 27 free tiers and 63 premium tiers. Smoldering Ashes can be obtained in the free tiers of the Battle Pass by slaying demons as normal which grants players Smoldering Ashes. These can be spent on Season Blessings which offer various perks such as experience boosts. Rewards in the premium tiers can only be obtained in the premium battle pass.

A vast variety of cosmetic items have all been stylized to match the dark fantasy world of Diablo and will be available to players in the game’s Shop. Some cosmetic items are specific to certain character classes but items in the shop are largely “intended to be an avenue of self-expression.”

While an exact date hasn’t been provided, Blizzard anticipates that the first season of Diablo IV’s post-launch content will kick off in mid-late July. It’s recommended to complete the base game campaign before diving into the first season?

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