Nickmercs and TimTheTatman Operators Coming To Warzone

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They’ve officially been revealed – Nickmercs and TimTheTatman are making their way into the Call of Duty universe as playable operators, complete with their own unique weapon skins, charms, and stickers. On May 31st, players the world over will be able to purchase bundles containing two of the most instantly recognisable streamers on the planet.

It’s seen as a desperate move by some and an absolute win by others, but there’s no denying the fact that these operators actually look quite impressive. It’s fan service at best, and it’s probably a ploy to bring more players back into the fold – even if it’s only a temporary move, but let’s be honest – Nickmercs’ skin looks absolutely fantastic.

Even Kevin Is Included

TimTheTatman reacted to the unveiling of his operator while live on stream, expressing his utter jubilance at being recognised by Activision in probably the most meaningful way. His bundle features exclusive blueprints for the M4 and the MP5, as well as a sticker of Kevin, his penguin mascot, and a charm which is… Waffles.

Here he is reacting on stream:

Nickmercs’ bundle features a Spartan-themed operator, which admittedly makes him a little less visible than Tim’s operator, but it’s still superbly designed. There are also special blueprints for the Bryson 890 shotgun and the Sakin LMG, both of which look fantastic in black, chrome, and red. Finally, there’s the sticker and the charm, both of which are simple renditions of Nickmerc’s branding and iconography.

Nickmerc’s blueprints look fantastic.

It’s expected that these bundles will cost around 2400 COD points when they hit the store on May 31st, which is around $20. It’s quite an investment if you want both, but that’s what you get for being a fan!

It’s the first time that streamers have received their own skins in a Call of Duty game – let’s at least admit that this is really awesome for Nick and Tim.

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