Black Ops 6 To Feature ‘Omnidirectional’ Sliding, Diving, and Sprinting

black ops 6 slide

Movement maniacs, fall in – Black Ops 6 is raising the bar regarding fast-paced mechanics that get you around the map in a rapid fashion. It was just reported by a leaker and corroborated by Insider Gaming that Black Ops 6 will feature a slew of fluid movement mechanics, including sliding, diving, and sprinting, all of which have been dubbed ‘Omnidirectional Movement’.

Could this be the most versatile and agile Call of Duty title in years?

Don’t Slow Down

In a post on Twitter by BobNetworkUK, a reliable Call of Duty Leaker, it was explained that Black Ops 6 will allow players to dive, slide, and sprint in all directions. It was noted as being similar to Max Payne, in which players can press buttons to dive forward, backwards, or sideways, all while shooting their weapons.

Traditionally, slide cancelling and diving in Call of Duty are ‘forward motion mechanics’ that allow players to dive into or behind cover at the press of a button. You can get pretty creative with these mechanics, but they’ve remained relatively unchanged for years. This latest claim suggests that Black Ops 6 will have more fluid movement mechanics than ever before in series history, allowing movement kings to truly take advantage of the versatility on offer.

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