Black Ops 6 Will Be On Last-Gen Consoles

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Information regarding Black Ops 6 has surfaced online—specifically, concerning the game’s pre-order status at GameStop. In an image shared online, it appears that GameStop is preparing to accept pre-orders for Black Ops 6 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X consoles.

That means it’ll be appearing on a console that many considered defunct almost four years ago, when the PlayStation 5 was released.

Insider Gaming has been able to verify with multiple sources that the image is legitimate and that Black Ops 6 will be coming to past-generation consoles. As for why the image does not feature an Xbox One version, it’s understood that the Series S|X version is a cross-generation version, meaning it will also work on the Xbox One.

Insider Gaming first learned that Cerburus (Black Ops 6) was being developed for past-generation consoles in February 2023 but wasn’t able to confirm whether it was final. However, after speaking with several Gamestop employees and developers of the game, we can now confirm it’s real.

You can see the image below:

Last year’s Call of Duty title – Modern Warfare 3 – was released on last-gen consoles as well as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms. It was a general assumption that it would surely be the last Call of Duty title on old-gen consoles, but with Call of Duty essentially using the same engine moving forward, it’s hard to see why they would move away.

As for if the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch (as Call of Duty will now come to Nintendo platforms for 10 years as a part of the Activision / Microsoft deal), Insider Gaming understands that this will begin with the Nintendo Switch 2, which is presumably set to launch next year.

The information will likely be confirmed when the Call of Duty showcase takes place on June 9.

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  1. What’s the point of a next-gen console when you have to dumb the games down to play on the irrelevant hardware of a previous system? Thanks to Sony and Microhard for convincing me to move to PC, where it’s accepted as fact; if you don’t meet system requirements, you don’t play.

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