XDefiant’s First Double XP Weekend Is Live Now

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To celebrate the successful launch of XDefiant, Ubisoft has rolled out a Double XP weekend – and it’s live now. From today through May 28, players can jump onto the free-to-play, multi-platform first-person shooter and rack up twice as much weapon XP as normal. That means you’ll unlock those all-important guns and their game-changing attachments much faster.

It was recently revealed that within just two hours of going live, XDefiant amassed more than one million players – a stunning result for a game that was delayed several times in a few months.

Double Time

Ubisoft’s XDefiant was supposed to have been released towards the end of summer 2023, but it never materialised due to technical and regulatory issues. It would be pushed back a few more times before hitting the open market on May 21, launching to a positive reception and huge overnight growth. It topped streaming charts and became the talk of the town as players far and wide leapt in to experience this relatively unique shooter.

Now, those players can take advantage of Double XP – on weapons:

I’ve sunk a bit of time into XDefiant, and I’m extremely pleased with what’s on offer. It looks great on the surface, runs well, and the gunplay and movement mechanics are top-tier. There are plenty of characters to assume control of, with the game being based on a ‘factions’ operating model – but the twist here is that the factions are based on Ubisoft’s line-up of games, such as Splinter Cell, The Division, and Far Cry.

Are you going to take advantage of the Double XP weekend in XDefiant?

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