Best Free Online Games in 2024

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There’s nothing more exciting than finding a fantastic online game that you don’t need to pay for. It’s even more exhilarating when that online game offers hundreds of hours of content, a unique community, or features that are interesting and innovative. In this breakdown, those are the types of games that we’ve pulled together into a single list, bringing you the definitive collection of the best free online games in 2024. There are plenty of them out there, but these are arguably the top free games to play online.

From farming games to settlement builders and MMORPGs to shooting games, there are lots of free online games that you can play. For the most part, these games can be played in a browser, but you can just as easily play them on mobile devices. If you’re hungry to find more of the best free online games, then read on – you won’t be disappointed with what we’ve found.

Are Free Online Games Good?

That’s a very subjective question, as one person’s impression of what’s ‘good’ can differ dramatically from the next person’s idea of a good game. Let’s be honest, there are plenty of free-to-play games out there that aren’t worth your time. They’re not well built, they have gaping holes in their stability and features, and many of them are pay-to-win, demanding real-world money in exchange for actual progress in the game.

Fortunately, the list that we’ve put together is made up exclusively of the best online games that you won’t need to pay for. It’s an exciting bunch that incorporates some of the greatest titles from a wide series of games, and each one has its unique features that help to make it stand out from the crowd. Not all free online games are good, but the ones we’ve listed here are – you can be sure about that.

How to Find Free Online Games

If you want to play free online games, you’re best just running a search for that term – ‘free online games’. There will be plenty of results that filter through, but you’ll then need to face them down head-on and find a few games that suit your play style and desires. Alternatively, you can rely on the likes of Insider Gaming, as we make it our mission to document only the best free online games.

Many websites offer free games – like Poki – but the majority of them are offline, single-player titles. They’re fun to play, but they’re technically not ‘online games’, so we’ve skipped over many of them when we put this list together.

This is your best resource for determining the top free online games.

Are Free Online Games Risky?

There’s an inherent fear around ‘free games’, with many believing that they might be scams or nothing more than viruses that are being introduced to your devices. That’s something borne out of years of online safety concerns, and the fact that nobody believes anything is truly free. There’s always a catch, right?

It’s true – some free-to-play games are a little risky. Some out there demand payments, farm your data, and make use of mechanics that get you addicted to playing them. However, those kinds of games haven’t found their way to this list, which is made up of only hte most legitimate, honest free online games in the world.

Best Free Online Games in 2024

Here’s our list of the top free online games.

Hero Wars Online

Our Rating:4.6⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser, Facebook
DeveloperNexters Global
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

Hero Wars Online is an exciting adventure RPG game that can be played with friends and enemies alike. It’ll introduce players to an arena, multiplayer-based guilds, and cooperative missions that go hand-in-hand with leaderboards and an advanced ranking system. It’s one of the best free online games without question, boasting millions of players around the world and a truly accessible platform.

Hero Wars Online can be played on mobile devices, in browsers, and through Facebook, making it one of the most diverse games of its kind. It can be considered a bit of a grind, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll be rewarded in kind – especially if you’re playing online with other people.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Play Raid Shadow Legends Online
Our Rating:4.0⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser, PC via Epic Games Storm
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

Raid: Shadow Legends is an iconic free online game that has been around since 2018. It’s a highly prolific title with a solid marketing team that has managed to push the game into the spotlight time and again. This turn-based fantasy RPG boasts innovative mechanics and attractive visuals that keep players engaged as they explore the world of Teleria alongside their friends.

It’s a massive game today, featuring more than 800 champions and a slew of player-vs-player modes, such as ‘Dungeons’ and ‘Campaign’. There are plenty of multiplayer features in Raid Shadow Legends, which manages to consistently prove that it’s one of the best free online games in the business.

State of Survival

play state of survival online
Our Rating:4.5⭐
Genre:MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy)
Available On:iOS, Android, PC (Browser & Download)
DeveloperFunPlus International
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

State of Survival is an MMORTS which fuses traditional multiplayer mechanics with base construction and survival features. It’s an advanced, exciting game that’ll see you build up a settlement and a community to defend against waves of the undead and other players who want what you’ve got. If you’re a fan of zombie games, this is one of the best free online games for you to play.

It’s also one of the newest games to make this list, having been released in 2020. Since then, the developer – FunPlus International – has worked hard to expand the game’s reach and profile, introducing plenty of updates that add new elements and features.

Forge of Empires

play forge of empires online free
Our Rating:4.3⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

Forge of Empires is a legendary strategy game that has been around for more than a decade. It has helped to pioneer the mobile gaming scene, as well as the popularity of free-to-play games. It’s a highly accessible game that’s enjoyed by millions of players around the world, giving them the ability to control an empire that starts from humble beginnings.

It’s a far-reaching, impressive game that puts the player in various historical scenarios, pitching everything from the Iron Age to a Space Age located in the distant future. It’s free to play, making it one of the best games to fit on this list.


klondike top
Our Rating:4.5⭐
Genre:Farming City-Builder
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser
DeveloperVizor Apps
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

Klondike is a brilliant game that’s mostly a single-player adventure, but there are multiplayer, community-focused elements that make it a great fit for our list of the best free online games. In Klondike, players go to Alaska, build a farm, and explore the wilderness, taking on a series of quests and tracking through a story that’s immersive and genuinely interesting.

This free-to-play farming game has plenty to offer, and that’s why it’s enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It was released more than ten years ago, and since then, the developer has worked hard to polish Klondike, making it something truly impressive.

Rise of Cultures

play rise of cultures online now
Our Rating:4.7⭐
Genre:Strategy Conquest
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser, Facebook
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

In Rise of Cultures, players will be taken on an epic journey through history, strategising their way through the Stone Age and the thousands of years that came after it. It’s a historical title with some impressive elements, boasting an intense focus on settlement crafting and building a community. There are political mechanics at play, and players must secure their settlements against invading armies and join forces with other players to succeed.

It doesn’t have any player-vs-player elements, which means it’s less competitive, but it does allow users to link up, forging alliances that are pivotal to succeeding in Rise of Cultures. It’s a relatively new game that remains highly accessible, and that’s why millions of people play it and it’s one of the best free online games.

Evil Awakening 2

how to play evil awakening 2 online
Our Rating:4.2⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser
DeveloperGame Hollywood Hong Kong
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

Evil Awakening 2 is a unique and expansive MMORPG that’s set in a large, open world. It features intense boss battles and innovative multiplayer mechanics that are guaranteed to keep players entertained for hours without difficulty. In Evil Awakening 2, players are made to fight in arenas, go toe-to-toe against impressive bosses, and level up their characters alongside their compatriots.

It’s one of the best free online games because it fuses alliance-based combat with player-vs-player battles, giving gamers a look at both sides of the fence. It’ll require you to work together with other players while at the same time making and defeating enemies who oppose you.

League of Angels

play league of angels online top
Our Rating:4.1⭐
Genre:Idle MMORPG
Available On:Android, Browser, PC
DeveloperGame Hollywood
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

League of Angels is a solid MMORPG that puts the player in control of a series of Angel characters, allowing them to build up a team, wield awesome powers, and take down a wide, diverse array of enemies. It features multiplayer mechanics and sumptuous visuals. There are plenty of things to unlock and level up in League of Angels, which is almost a never-ending game, promising countless hours of entertainment.

In League of Angels, you can join and set up sizeable guilds, embark on adventures with your friends, and face off against other players in PvP-focused battles. It’s a brilliant game that’s enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

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