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There are few things more entertaining in a war game than getting behind the wheel of a powerful, unstoppable tank. For more than one hundred years, tanks have dominated the battlefield, and thanks to their impressive power and popularity, there are many free tank games that you can play online. From the super-immersive tank-based adventures to the quick-release, explosive minigames, there are plenty of tank-fuelled titles just waiting for you to step into the driver’s seat and wreak havoc on your enemies.

For the most die-hard fans of shooter games, the best free tank games are nothing short of exhilarating. It’s all well and good running around a theatre of war with a handheld weapon, but nothing beats the power of a tank. In the biggest, brightest war games ever made – like Battlefield and Call of Duty – everyone wants to get behind the wheel of a tank and start blasting their opponents to smithereens. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the best free tank games you can play right now in your browser.

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Can You Play Tank Games in a Browser?

There’s a vast array of free tank games out there, and some of them boast intensely realistic visuals and physics. One of the most popular is World of Tanks, which has the largest audience and offers an unbeatable gameplay loop. It’s a free-to-play tank game but it’s backed by microtransactions, which can be a sticking point with some players, even if it’s a mechanic that’s used conscientiously by the game’s developer. There’s also War Thunder, which is a game that operates in the same way as World of Tanks.

Behind those top-tier titles sits a wide range of free tank games that can differ wildly in what they offer the player. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, many of these free tank games have great visuals, stunning effects, and lengthy stories – and most of them can be enjoyed from a web browser. That means that you won’t need to download a game, you rarely need to sign up for a platform, and you’ll never need to pay a penny to get behind the controls of a powerful tank.

There are plenty of browser tank games that you can access right now, and many of them are located in the same place – such as on sites like In this list of the best free tank games, we’ll break down the titles that you’ll likely enjoy the most.

Are Free Tank Games Worth It?

Well, that’s a subjective question.

If you’re the kind of gamer who doesn’t prioritise visuals over everything else, then the best free browser-based tank games will entertain you just fine. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’re not getting cutting-edge effects in a browser-based game – but they are still good and enjoyable enough for a few hours of gaming.

When it comes to discussing whether something is ‘worth it’, we need to weigh up your investment. If you’re hunting down the best free online tank games, you’ll be getting access to a slew of titles for a grand cost equalling absolutely nothing. There are hundreds of free tank games out there, and the risk is that you might waste a little time jumping from title to title to try and find the perfect one for you. It’s not going to cost you much in the long run and you might find a game that entertains you for hours on end, time and again.

So, are free tank games worth it? When you put it like that, of course they are.

Features of the Best Tank Games

As you can imagine, the core feature of the best free tank games is the ability to pilot a hulking, mechanical behemoth of war. In the best tank games, you’ll assume control of one or more tanks, charging into a fight and decimating your opponents. That might include fighting other players, but most commonly, you’ll be taking on AI-driven enemies.

In the best free tank games, you’ll find the following gameplay features:

  • Tank customisation and skins
  • Open-world maps and explorable environments
  • Weapon system management
  • Multi-faceted combat, taking down infantry, other tanks, and planes
  • Building destruction
  • Leaderboards and a ranking system
  • Immersive stories and campaigns

There’s plenty to be appreciated from free online tank games – you just need to know which ones are the best to play. That’s why we’ve written the following list – enjoy!

The Best Free Tank Games Online Now

Here’s our breakdown of the best free tank games you can play in a browser right now.

Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks is a charming free tank game that you can play in a browser in a matter of seconds. It’s an ad-supported title that features intense, polygonal tank combat from a top-down perspective. In Call of Tanks, you’re charged with defending your base against all comers, using a variety of units to destroy attacking forces with the utmost efficiency. As the game unravels, you’ll earn money, unlock more units and structures, and send powerful tanks to the frontline with the click of a button. It’s one of the best free tank games for sure.

Clash of Tanks

Clash of Tanks is a brilliant real-time strategy game that allows players to deploy a series of units against their opponent on small-sized battlefields. It’s not groundbreaking when it comes to graphics, but it has one of the most entertaining gameplay loops you’ll find in the roster of free tank games online. There’s not a huge amount to see or do, but there’s enough meat on the bones of Clash of Tanks to keep the average player occupied for quite some time. It’s an accessible, free, and easy-to-learn tank game that’s a brilliant introduction to the real-time strategy genre, so it’s well worth playing for that fact alone.

2020 Realistic Tank Battle Simulation

Despite not having the snappiest name, 2020 Realistic Tank Battle Simulation is one of the best free tank games you’ll play online, period. It’s a game that arguably has the best graphics out of all the free tank games, boasting realistic visuals and explosions that you won’t believe are from a browser-based game. It was built in Unity and has been at the top of the free tank games chart for some time, offering an immersive experience that leans towards realism as opposed to arcade-based combat. It’s hugely enjoyable and will see you pilot some of World War II’s most feared tanks across wide, open maps.

Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a small-form, intense tank-based game that’ll put you in a series of randomly generated maze-like arenas against other tank commanders. There’s one objective at play here: destroy your opponents before they destroy you. As the game unravels, you’ll zip around the map and pick up power-ups, blasting out a series of shots against your enemies that ricochet off the surfaces of the maze. It’s one of the best free tank games for players with fast reflexes and a problem-solving mentality, but don’t expect it to win any awards in the visuals department.

Operation Desert Road

Operation Desert Road is an addictive tank game with charming graphics and an engaging, retro-themed sound pack. In Operation Desert Road, you’ll need to advance along an infinite road and survive against the defences in your path. You’ll be showered with incoming fire and will need to have lightning-fast reflexes to dodge barricades and other tanks, and at all times, you’re required to keep moving forward. It looks great on the screen and boasts some top-shelf colours and visual effects, so it’s easily one of the best free tank games you’ll play online today.

Tank Battle War Commander

Tank Battle War Commander is one of the highest-rated tank games online. It has a unique premise in that it uses a slot machine-style mechanic to randomly select the vehicles you’ll command in a fight against the enemy. There is a wide range of tanks that can be unlocked, but ultimately, it’s down to luck whether you’ll get the toughest force or a low-level vehicle that can be decimated by the enemy with ease. It introduces an aspect of gambling that makes this game super addictive, but it also looks fantastic on the screen, which is a huge win for someone wanting to play one of the best free tank games online.

Are You Ready for War?

That’s our breakdown of the best free tank games that you can play online right now. They can all be loaded in a browser and played in a matter of seconds, and they’ve been painstakingly created by some of the best developers in the business. There are many tank games out there, but this small selection really does represent the pick of the bunch.

Have fun out there!

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