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Free Sports Games

When it comes to sports games, there’s never been a time that offers a more realistic representation of what sports are than now. However, sometimes it gets tiring seeing all the pushes for coins and player packs every time you load up a major sports video game. That’s why free online sports games exist.

These are games developed to give you a good experience and let you have a fun time simply enjoying a sport you love. Whether you want to get in on the action or focus more on the management side of things, there are thousands of free sports games online to play right in your browser. But what are some of the best available? We’re here to tell you about the best online sports games that you can play completely free.

Are Free Online Games Good?

The million-dollar question: Are free online games good? To be completely honest, there are a lot of bad games out there solely designed to take your info. Thankfully, they’re pretty easy to spot and avoid.

The list we’ve put together below doesn’t include those types of games at all. These are games that are fun to play and have been played by people on our staff. These recommendations come because we’ve enjoyed them ourselves.

Do You Need An Account To Play Free Online Browser Sports Games?

When you find a game online that you want to play, the first question many have aside from whether or not it’s free is if you need an account. For a lot of online sports games, it varies on the type of game.

Some just let you jump right in and start playing. Others will require a couple of extra steps like account creation to keep track of in-game moments. That’s especially true if you decide to try out one of the management sim games listed below.

NOTE: Because these are online-based, there won’t be any downloads you have to worry about or having storage space on your PC. All of these games are completely free. Should a website try and make you pay for access, it’s a scam and should be avoided.

Five Best Free Online Browser Sports Games

Here are five sports games we think are worth playing that are completely free and ready to be played online via your browser. Let us know in the comments what your favorite online browser sports games are.

If you want racing-specific games, check out our list of the best free racing games you can play online.


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Starting with an oldie but goodie free sports game, QWOP is a classic browser game that everyone over the age of 25 should remember. QWOP has a very simple premise, use the Q-W-O-P keys on your keyboard to run your athlete down the track. And while that sounds simple to do, in practice, it can be difficult to figure out while providing hilarious outcomes.

You’ll watch as your running awkwardly scuttles down the track, moving its legs in the weirdest ways possible. Once you figure out a method that works for you, however, you’ll be dying to show off how quickly you can make it to the finish line.

Grand Prix Racing Online

sports games online,

If you’re more into the management side of racing then Grand Prix Racing Online will be right up your alley. The game sees you manage your own F1 team by signing drivers, managing spending, analyzing race performance, and more. There are even live races every Tuesday and Friday where you can put your strategies and plans to the test and see if you’re drivers will make it to the podium.

With over 1 million players, this online sports game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

MMA Tycoon

Ever wonder what it’d be like to run your own MMA juggernaut? MMA Tycoon is another management sim that sees you start with a group of fighters, and work to build to biggest MMA organization in the world.

The game allows you to create your fighters, run the daily operations of the company, train for fights, and put on the best events you can. You can even see how your organization and fighters stack up against the competition from other players around the world.

8 Ball Pool

free sports games

Who doesn’t love a good game of Pool? 8 Ball Pool is one of the many free online pool games available to play, but it stands out for how quick it is to get into a game and the setting options.

You have the option to either play with someone online — friend or random — or against a bot of varying skill. When setting up a game, you can choose from five premade rulesets or set your own to make the game more unique to your liking. The gameplay is straightforward, and it’s just a nice, relaxing game that everyone should bookmark for a fun time killer.

The Ump Show

Every baseball fan knows how frustrating it can be watching your team play, but you feel the umpire is having a bad game. So many times we sit there thinking we can do a better job calling balls and strikes. Well, now there’s a game where you can put your money where your mouth is.

The Ump Show is a game currently in development with a Demo available online that allows you to play as the umpire, making the calls behind the play. You watch as the pitches come in and you have to quickly decide between balls and strikes, showing you the type of pressure real umpires can find themselves under. It’s not 100% accurate to real baseball — I don’t have fans or coaches yelling at me all game — but it’s a pretty fun game that only appears to be on the verge of getting better as its worked on.

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