Bandai Namco Has Canceled Five Games That Were In Development

Bandai Namco Canceled Games

Bandai Namco has canceled five games that were in development after making changes to its development structure.

The revelation came during the Q&A portion of the company’s recent earnings call. In a response to a question about the outlook for growth over the next fiscal year (FY) after recording losses for FY24, a rep for the company said direction within the company on what gets greenlit has changed.

“We have decided to dispose of work-in-progress in accordance with our internal rules regarding the evaluation of products in progress,” the rep said. “We have also decided to discontinue the development of at least five other titles under development and recorded a loss on disposal of these titles.

The rep continued: “In addition, we have changed our development structure since the second half of the previous fiscal year, setting stricter criteria for proceeding with development, narrowing down the number of titles, and recording development costs.

“In addition to narrowing down the number of titles, we are also working to optimize our portfolio according to categories, such as those that are strategically deployed worldwide and casual titles for the light users.”

There was no mention of what the five games canceled were.

Also during the call, Bandai Namco revealed an 8.9% fall in year-over-year sales as well as a 96.5% drop in income.

The company did say, however, that Tekken 8 has been a success for the studio since its January 25 release.

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  1. What happened to the Arc System Shonen Jump fighting game? Where’s the Shonen Jump crossover game? We’re those cancelled? What games were cancelled?

      1. They probably did now it makes sense. Last year was Shonen Jump’s 55th anniversary and nothing was shown, nothing is coming out this year and next year could be solely for Sparking Zero and FighterZ 2. The influencers hated Jump Force and hate this stuff sadly they have a ton of influence. All attention is for Tekken right now.

    1. Maybe this year they announce the Arc Sys game and if those were cancelled there will be a riot fans would want those over Tekken. If they cancel Tenkaichi 4 next there will be a riot.

    2. Might not happen because of how poorly managed they are the ASW game could be a 2026 game or cancelled and same for a crossover game possibly not happening.

  2. Tekken 8 won’t be an improvement especially with no highly desired guest characters. They might just want to get out of gaming if it’s this bad.

    1. They should have just made a new Jump crossover fighter for next year and Tenkaichi 4 for this year delay Tekken 8. Sand Land will also be an L too.

    2. Tekken 8 will underperform like Mortal Kombat 1 after the initial hype fighting games drop in players

    3. Don’t hold your breath for guests Harada made that clear. The only guest that’s possibly coming is titty girl Tifa because crazy people want her but don’t make the majority.

    4. They take too long to make games the wait for games is bad and we have no idea when the next big game is

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