Baldur’s Gate 3 Sex Speedrunners Are Seeing How Long It Takes To Get Laid

Baldur's Gate 3 sex

Speedrunners in Baldur’s Gate 3 are seeing how quickly they can have sex after starting a new game.

Right now, the record appears to be within two minutes.

A creator named Mae has, umm, accomplished the feature by having sex with Lae’zel in the game in under two minutes.

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“After just over 2 months, the Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrunning community has finally peaked,” they said in the description. “The two minute barrier has been shattered. We can now bang Lae’zel in under two minutes, even faster than a speedrunner can last in real life. This is the world’s first sub-2 minute run and the new world record.”

You can watch the “run” for yourself below if you want. There isn’t any dialogue to read as it’s skipped over quite quickly as well as battles being avoided. Overall, it’s pretty impressive to see what someone will do to get laid in a fantasy world.

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