Learn How To Walk Again In ‘Baby Steps’

baby steps

Well, we didn’t expect the PlayStation State of Play showcase to kick off with a rather thick gentleman in a bodysuit learning how to walk again, but here we are. It was the first game that we saw, and the portly gentleman struggling to traverse a simple obstacle paired with a hilarious, expletive-laden voiceover makes for a rather promising adventure.

It was stressed that it’s one of the key examples of the many indie games that are making their way to PlayStation platforms in the near future – and it might just succeed on account of how bizarre it looks.

We Don’t Know What It Is, But It Looks Hilarious

Baby Steps was actually revealed back in June, but it was at the State of Play that it was showcased all over again in a fresh, comedy-tinted light. Here’s the trailer that was released back then, so you can see what we mean:

I guess we’ll be able to assume control of the dummy thick individual and traverse all manner of risky obstacles on the path to… Something?

Hey, it’s innovative, right?

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