Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Gets a New Trailer, Releases December


During the Ubisoft Forward event, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora received an all-new trailer. This is one that has been on the radars of many gamers for quite a while, and it’s finally getting a little more coverage from Ubisoft. Not only that but a release date was confirmed for the game – it’s dropping on December 7th, 2023.

It has been almost fifteen years since the last major Avatar game was released, and this first-person, open-world, story-driven epic is set to deliver the Avatar universe to players like never before. In Avatar, one Na’vi survives extermination and wakes up after a time jump that leaves them free to explore a massive open world and carve out their own path.

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Until the oppressors return, of course. Then, it’s time to kick things back into gear – and it was confirmed that it’ll be playable with friends, too… That’s right, it’s co-op.

You can watch the new story trailer here:

It doesn’t end there, though. Following the reveal of the release date and the story trailer, Ubisoft launched into a deep-dive into Frontiers of Pandora, explaining at length how the game will work and how exactly the fight between the RDA and the Na’vi will play out.

It showcased the crafting, combat, and world development systems, explained how the lore plays into things during the game, and how players will traverse the open-world environment and uncover what secrets are to be found.

Here’s the breakdown video:

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