Avalanche Pulling Out of North America with Two Studio Closures

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Avalanche has just announced the closure of two studios – Montreal and New York. This news comes during a tough time for the industry at large, and in the last eighteen months or so, around 20,000 industry workers have found themselves laid off. In the press release published by Avalanche, it was revealed that ‘around 50 valued friends and colleagues’ will be made redundant in the move, which equates to almost ten percent of the company.

Not Long After

Avalanche opened the Montreal office in October 2023, but barely eight months later, it’s preparing to shut the doors on the studio. Both Montreal and New York will be closed down as Avalanche pulls out of North America – but the company will retain the offices in Malmo, Stockholm, and Liverpool.

Avalanche Studios was founded in 2003 in Sweden and went on to create the Just Cause series of games, which debuted in 2006 and was the company’s first major title. As the years wore on, the Just Cause franchise blossomed, and Avalanche pivoted to also work on Mad Max, theHunter, and Rage 2.

In the statement published on the Avalanche website, it was written:

This is an exceptionally difficult decision, but we believe it’s necessary to ensure a stable and sustainable future for the company.

Under the Avalanche banner sits Systemic Reaction and Expansive Worlds AB – studios that are confirmed as being safe from this round of layoffs and closures. Recently, a Just Cause live-action adaptation was revealed – it’s unlikely that this project will be impacted.

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  1. I heard that Just Cause is done since 4 didn’t perform well. Also heard a rumor that Avalanche is working with Valiant Comics on a X-O Manowar game.

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