Atomic Heart 2 Is Already Planned for Development, It’s Claimed

atomic heart 2

Atomic Heart debuted on the 21st of February, launching to a relatively eager reception. It was generally well received, but some bad press began surfacing that marred the launch somewhat. Now, in an effort to push aside that negative news and look to the future, Mundfish, the game’s developer, has reportedly confirmed that Atomic Heart 2 is planned for development.

In a short video, journalist Aleksey Makarenkov explained that he’d spoken briefly with the developers at Mundfish. He said he’d raised a question regarding a potential sequel to Atomic Heart, and while there were expectations that Mundfish would downplay the question, the team allegedly stated that there are active plans to develop Atomic Heart 2.

There’s a Long Way to Go

This news, which was broken by Twisted Voxel, is by no means an indication that a new Atomic Heart game is going to launch anytime soon. It took Mundfish five years to build the first game, so assuming the groundwork has been laid engine-wise, it could still take two or three years for the firm to flesh out Atomic Heart 2.

However, before development can begin on Atomic Heart 2, the first game, which was released mere weeks ago, will need to run out its lifecycle. There are DLCs in the pipeline for the game, which needs a few more updates before it can be considered anything close to perfect.

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart has found itself at the core of more than just a few controversies and dire situations in recent weeks. Days after the game was released, eagle-eyed players uncovered a racist cartoon in the game, and shortly after, it was revealed that the Ukrainian government had plans to petition Sony, Microsoft, and Valve, urging them to halt the sale of the game.

Before the game even launched, it suffered from a massive leak, with a debug build (PC) being leaked online, ripe for exploration by more technically-minded gamers.

But, with all that aside, Mundfish does apparently have plans to build Atomic Heart 2. It comes as little surprise, as admittedly, an intriguing world was created in the first game. There’s plenty more content that could be introduced to the Atomic Heart universe, and even some concepts that could be re-explored by Mundfish.

For instance, it was revealed in January that the team had plans for a PvP-based multiplayer platform within Atomic Heart that were scrapped during development.

Now, fans should continue to enjoy Atomic Heart and take stock of the updates that Mundfish is applying – and the DLCs it’s releasing. It’ll be years before Atomic Heart 2 makes any kind of appearance.

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