Arkane Confirms Redfall Crossplay Between Xbox and PC Platforms

redfall crossplay PS5

Redfall, from the creators of Dishonored and Prey, will see players take up arms against a vampire invasion that has befallen a quiet island town in Massachusetts. It’s a massive, open-world adventure that can be enjoyed either solo or with other players, and today, developer Arkane Studios confirmed that Redfall crossplay exists and it’ll function across all Xbox and PC platforms.

Last month, a Bethesda blog post confirmed that PC-based crossplay would work between Steam and Game Pass, but minutes ago, Arkane Studios expanded on that concept. It was confirmed that, when Redfall launches, its crossplay abilities will extend to unite Xbox and PC Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Store.

Slay Vampires Together Across Platforms

It was recently revealed that, even if you want to play totally solo, Redfall will still require an always-active internet connection to function. This was a shot of news that irritated some fans, as it means that those players with an unreliable or non-existent internet connection will be unable to enjoy the game to its full extent.

However, those gamers that do plan to flex their internet connection and take advantage of the Redfall crossplay features will be able to do so across every platform that the game is launching on.

According to comments made by, Redfall’s map is absolutely enormous and offers up more than enough space for players to explore as a dedicated, vampire-slaying team. In a statement posted recently, Eurogamer quoted Arkane studio director, Harvey Smith, who explained that just one area of Redfall’s map ‘dwarfs’ the entire space station featured in 2017’s Prey, Talos One.

Furthermore, thanks to a lack of ‘tethering’ in Redfall, players that do jump into an online adventure together will be free to quite literally explore completely opposite sides of the map, meaning that they’re together… But not really.

Following delays, Redfall is set to launch on Xbox and PC platforms on May 2nd.

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