Arena Breakout: Infinite Gameplay Surfaces as Closed Beta Starts

arena breakout infinite beta

Arena Breakout: Infinite has been making waves in recent weeks thanks to the downfall of Escape from Tarkov. This ‘Tarkov clone’ of an extraction shooter has risen to fame online because of a marketing campaign that saw the developer – Morefun Studios – pushing hard against Battlestate Games’ recent controversies.

Now that Arena Breakout: Infinite – the PC port of the popular mobile game – has entered a closed beta phase, the developer has published an extended gameplay trailer online.

It Looks Good, I Can’t Lie

Arena Breakout: Infinite is one of those games that you might feel dirty for liking. It’s a shameless rip-off of Escape from Tarkov in many ways, with some mechanics and elements being a lift-and-shift between platforms. It has been developed by Morefun Studios, a subsidiary of China’s Tencent Games, and while it started life as a mobile game, the PC-based port is a different beast entirely.

It’s a relatively demanding game, and before users can get into the closed beta, they’re advised that GPUs of a certain age simply won’t be able to even boot it up. If you’re able to get past those hardware-based blockers, you’re in for a treat – this game looks good on the surface, as shown in the trailer:

It has a remarkably similar operating model to Escape from Tarkov but looks more accessible on the surface. There are intuitive in-game menus, markers that identify teammates, and on-screen prompts, and it’s a more fast-paced and versatile game than Battlestate’s spearhead of an extraction shooter.

That being said, Arena Breakout: Infinite doesn’t compromise on quality at first blush. It looks brilliant on the screen, even at this early stage. In the trailer above, we’re looking at the game’s weapon customisation menus, intense combat screens, map traversal, and extraction mechanics.

I’ll be accessing the closed beta from tomorrow, May 9. Following a playtest, I’ll be writing up a preview of the game here on Insider Gaming, so stay tuned.

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