Sonic Frontiers Footage Shows Playable Amy Rose Character

amy rose sonic frontiers

Recently, news surfaced revealing that dataminers had uncovered code in the files of Sonic Frontiers that pointed to Tails, Knuckles, and Amy making appearances in the game in the near future. They revealed movesets, animations, and references to the characters’ base mechanics. Now, footage has been released online of Amy Rose being controlled in the game – but it’s only a few seconds’ worth of content.

In the 52-second-long clip, we see Amy traversing the map by way of a ‘motorcycle-like’ construct made up of tarot cards, which some have already dubbed the ‘tarotcycle’. It has long been known that Amy Rose has a connection to the ‘arcane’ with tarot cards and fortune telling, but now those elements are going to surface for what is the first time ever in Sonic Frontiers.

Hammer Time

It’s great timing for this content to leak on Reddit, as Sega recently announced the development of a set of real-world tarot cards based on Amy Rose’s own deck. It’s a 78-card deck complete with custom art that serves as a fully useable tarot deck – if that’s your kind of thing, of course.

Now, Sega is poised to lean into the arcane deeper than ever before with Amy Rose, fusing these elements with her playable character in Sonic Frontiers. In the recent animation-based leaks, we saw Amy using tarot cards to slash enemies, but we also saw her iconic hammer being deployed – and now, we know that there’s a hyper-fast tarotcycle also making an appearance.

Yes, we’re sticking with the term ‘tarotcycle’.

There were comments made under the post on Reddit offering a little context, suggesting that the leaker has just ported Amy’s character model into Sonic Frontiers and applied her animations based on ‘estimates’ of what they think she’ll look like. So, the footage that we see isn’t final, but based on recent leaks – including the animations – it’s a very well-educated guess.

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