Among Us TV Show Casts Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson

The Among Us television show is shaping up, and recently, casting decisions were revealed online. It was reported that Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Randall Park (Wandavision), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) have been cast in the animated series, taking on roles that will see them play various ‘crewmates’.

It’s not yet known who the Impostor is, though.

Purple Sus

In the article published by The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that the following roles have been cast by the Among Us production team:

  • Randall Park – Red, a ‘people-pleasing, blowhard captain of the Skeld ship
  • Ashley Johnson – Purple, the ship’s suspicious and sarcastic head of security
  • Yvette Nicole Brown – Orange, the head of HR
  • Elijah Wood – Green, an unpaid intern

Production on Among Us started several months ago, but it’s not yet known when the series will be released. It’s being worked on by CBS Studios’ Eye Animation Productions and Titmouse, a studio famed for its work on Big Mouth, among other shows.

It’s expected that the Among Us animated show will soar with such a solid cast driving it forward. In recent years, game-to-movie or game-to-series adaptations have started performing remarkably well. For the longest time, it was almost guaranteed that an adaptation would be cursed on delivery, but of late, things have started improving.

For instance, The Last of Us (which stars Ashley Johnson in a small role) has become a super popular, award-winning series since being released in January 2023, and the Super Mario Bros. Movie broke records as the highest-earning animated flick in history.

Are you excited about the arrival of the Among Us animated series?

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