All Unique Rewards in No Man’s Sky Adrift

No Man's Sky Adrift Iron Vulture Starship
Image via Hello Games

The various expeditions in No Man’s Sky shake up the usual exploration-based gameplay of the vanilla game by providing unique circumstances and modifiers to the game. For instance, in the upcoming No Man’s Sky Adrift, you’ll find yourself completely alone. There are no other alien lifeforms besides hostile fauna and ghostly ships. If you want to participate, it’s worth your time. Here are all of the unique rewards in No Man’s Sky Adrift!

The Many Unique Rewards in No Man’s Sky Adrift

There are a handful of new rewards in No Man’s Sky Adrift, including cosmetics, buildable items, and starships. Here’s everything you can unlock by playing through the expedition:

  • Posters: Meditation, Alone in the Dark, and Isolation
    • These unique posters allow you to bring a sense of personalization to the wide reaches of space, no matter where you choose to build a habitat!
  • Stealth Paint
    • A unique paint scheme for your starships that helps create a low-radar signature. It doesn’t appear to have any unique gameplay effects, but it looks cool!
  • Starship Wreckage Base Parts
    • If you’re a fan of the base-building components in No Man’s Sky, these unique base components will allow you to craft a scrapyard-like base with the remains of a downed starship overtaken by flora.
  • Gnawing Scuttler Companion
    • A unique, crab-like companion pet extracted from a derelict freighter lost in space. It’s designed to suppress violent tendencies towards its master.
  • Ship of the Damned
    • A long-lost frigate that, despite having no active crew, continues to roam the stars.
  • Iron Vulture
    • A unique starship—a high-capacity Hauler with an industrial metal color scheme, with scrappable components that allow you to build a new hauler ship.

How to Play No Man’s Sky Adrift

You can start playing No Man’s Sky Adrift this week, according to Sean Murray. The new expedition is available through the Expedition Terminus on the Space Anomaly. Or, if you’d rather start a fresh save, you can create a new game save file and start directly in the Adrift Expedition. Once the seven-week-long expedition concludes, your save file will automatically convert to a regular save file so that you may keep playing!

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