All Fallout Opening Sequences, Ranked

The Fallout series is unique due to its epic openings. Each game knows how to get players hyped by beginning each story with a big bang. But which of these stories have the best opening sequences?

Here is every Fallout opening sequence, ranked from worst to best.

The Best Fallout Opening Sequences

Every major Fallout title has given us some incredible openings. Some though, are definitely worse than others. Still, though, with popular actors like Ron Perlman taking part in some of these intros, you can never expect anything short of amazing from the Fallout series.

Here is every Fallout game with their opening sequences ranked from worst to best.

6. Fallout 2

While Fallout 2’s opening may be the worst on our list, it still does not mean the game doesn’t begin with an absolutely epic intro. The game opens with a black-and-white commercial promoting the vault, then cuts to some darker scenes of families in the aftermath and more.

Overall, Fallout 2 had a great beginning sequence, but it does not compare to the other titles within the series.

5. Fallout 76

Fallout 76, the newest instalment in the Fallout series, had one of the weaker intros. While it used the infamous “War Never Changes” speech, the rest of the intro felt mundane. It was just a collage of war pictures and videos showing families celebrating the opening of Vault 76. It had the nostalgia factor of Ron Perlman narrating the whole thing, but it still wasn’t a huge win.

While Fallout 76 certainly didn’t have the worst intro, it was also not the best in the series.

4. Fallout

The first Fallout had a little bit of a cooler opening sequence than Fallout 2. The intro starts out with another propaganda-styled commercial for the vault, as it slowly zooms out and you see it on a TV in a destroyed building standing in a decimated city. While Fallout 2’s intro may have included a bit more, the first Fallout hit the mark by giving players the dark atmosphere surrounding the Fallout series.

The first Fallout had a great beginning, making it number four on our list.

3. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 really marked the beginning of the Fallout series’ success. Being universally loved by all gamers, this game really held up to its expectations. Its opening sequence, which was a bit more cinematic than the first two games, began with the infamous radio playing “I Don’t Want To Set the World On Fire.” Then, the popular “War Never Changes” voice-over begins, which really makes this opening sequence stand out.

Fallout 3 may not have had the best opening sequence, but it is still a cinematic masterpiece in quite a few gamers’ eyes.

2. Fallout: New Vegas

While being a bit smaller of a game compared to other Fallout titles, Fallout: New Vegas simply had one of the most epic intros. With Ron Perlman reprising his voice-over monologue, the intro talks of people leaving their vaults after years of hiding beneath the surface while explaining how New Vegas has become an even worse version of Sin City.

Not only that, but it featured the late Matthew Perry in his iconic role as Benny, the checkered-suited gentleman who tries to dispatch our would-be hero with a bullet to the brain – and fails.

The intro to Fallout: New Vegas is an absolutely epic opening, making it simply one of the best.

1. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 took the opening sequence from Fallout 3 and really upped the ante. With a similar monologue, the opening sequence gave players a dark and realistic take on war, really providing insight into why the world of Fallout is the way it is. Not only was this opening so memorable, but it helped throw players into an even more epic world.

It showed the series from its very origins, revealing the conflict that led to The Great War taking place, and it segued perfectly into the character creation screen without skipping a beat.

Fallout 4 simply has the best opening sequence within the Fallout series.