All Call of Duty Zombies Games In Order of Release

Call of Duty Zombies has been a staple, not only within the Call of Duty community, but the gaming community as a whole. Not every Call of Duty title features a Zombies mode, but the ones that do are absolutely historic.

Here is a list of every Call of Duty Zombies game in order of release.

Every Call of Duty Zombies Game

Some players literally will only buy a Call of Duty title if it features Zombies, that is how iconic this game mode is. Though Call of Duty didn’t start their franchise with a Zombies mode, it took a few games before it was originally released.

Here is a list of all the Call of Duty Zombies games in order of release.

World at War (2008)

The fifth Call of Duty installment, World at War, was the official introduction to the famous Zombies mode. This is where Nazi zombies originally came from. World at War’s Zombies were not campy, and just genuinely terrifying.

Black Ops (2010)

Black Ops arguably made the Zombies mode as famous as it is. The popular Nacht der Untoten map is still widely considered the most historical Zombies map of all time. While World at War was the introduction to Zombies, it really felt like Black Ops was the perfected version of it.

Black Ops II (2012)

Black Ops II took everything great from Black Ops Zombies and somehow made it 10x better. This was easily one of the most famous versions of the game, and many still play the title specifically to indulge in its Zombies mode.

Advanced Warfare (2014)

Marking the beginning of the future age of Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare had a unique take on the popular Zombies mode. Introducing Exo Zombies, this game’s new set of monsters was not only made up of armies of the dead, but they were also wearing the futuristic exo suit.

Black Ops III (2015)

There is something about the Black Ops series that just seems to call perfection when it comes to Zombies. Black Ops III was just as legendary as the other two titles, and its Zombies mode had players begging for more.

Infinite Warfare (2016)

While it may not have been as popular, Infinite Warfare had possibly the most unique Zombies mode. Picture four eras of classic cinema, and then add zombies into them. There was a kung-fu mode, a black-and-white movie mode and more.

WWII (2017)

WWII was an attempt by Call of Duty to bring Zombies back to the more terrifying days of World at War. Nazi Zombies had returned, and the mode was much darker than normal. Unfortunately, this game as a whole was not too successful compared to the others.

Black Ops IIII (2018)

Black Ops IIII was the first Black Ops to not have a legendary Zombies mode. Yes, they had one, but it was swept under the road with the Blackout mode, which was a Battle Royale. Probably due to bad timing, but that was the year every studio was attempting to make a Battle Royale, making it tough for the Zombies mode to thrive.

Black Ops Cold War (2020)

Black Ops Cold War came out during Covid, making it quite famous at the time. Players were longing for a new Zombies mode, since Modern Warfare, which was released the year before, neglected to have one.

Vanguard (2021)

Often referred to as the worst Zombies game in the Call of Duty community, Vanguard unfortunately did not hit the mark that it was shooting for. Still, though, this Call of Duty title did feature Zombies, allowing players to fight off against these demonic creatures.

Vanguard is currently the most recent Call of Duty title with Zombies, as players are anxiously waiting for the next time they will get a chance to ward off a hoard of flesh-eating monsters.